A Love of Animals
Birthday Donations
Sparkling Bunny to Penelope Grace
Young Adopter Gives Back
Community Activism for Animals!
My New Forever Home
Happy home for Benson!
Youth Committed to Helping Animals
Dave transfer to GLRS; happy home!
Adoption Inspires Donations
Cookies to Cash
Animal Journey
Birthday Bash for Animals!
Lemonade Love
It's all in the timing
BISSELL Sponsors Free Adoption Day at HSHV - Saturday, May 5
HSHV Cruelty and Rescue Inspires Youth
Over a dozen Shih Tzus, Birds, and Ponies rescued from squalor in Ypsi Township
A+ Project!
Giving Back
Birthday Girl Gives Back
Friends on a Mission
Creative Class Project
Pawsitively Great Donations
Recycling for Animals!
For the Love of Puppies
Animal Love
Story Time Participant Gives Back
Pass it Forward
Celebrating Animals
Entrepreneur for Animals!
Biggest Pup Party will Include Flying Dogs
A Cautious Kitten
Meant to Be
Posie the Lovebug
Happy puppy, happy home!
Strong Sister
Birthday Gifts for Animals
Celebrating in Style
Gifts from Bat Mitzvah!
Siblings of another mother (+ father) stay together
The cat who wouldn't take no for an answer
The heartwarming story of Chili
Aurora (Formerly Bright Eyes)
Birthday Bonanza
Purrrfect Edition
Project for Cats
4 years later
Rooting for the underdog
Rising from the Ashi
Volunteer spotlight: Karen Jamrock
Santa's Helpers
Kindness Club
Birthday Donation
Gifts for Our Furry Friends!
(Tiny Lion) Mars Maxwell finds us
Finally happy
Birthday Paw-ty Gifts for HSHV!
In Memory of Lucy
Food for justice
Blankets for Kitties
Birthday Bash
500 Tiny Lions Adopted by Area Residents
Girl Scouts Go Above and Beyond for Animals!
School Donation
Amazing Birthday Girl
A miracle story
Looking out for the farm animals
Three Kind Siblings
Baking from the Heart
Can Drives for Animals
The Spirit of Generosity
Kind Hearted Kid
Birthday Bonanza
A Day of Giving
Saving Up All Year
From the Heart
For the Love of Animals
Lemonade Love
Dog walkers and others: Please be aware of sharpshooters in parks
The sweetest kitty ever
Queen Rachel Finds Forever Home
Future Veterinarian
Giving Back
For the Love of Cats
Happy kitty!!
Mailing error! Yellow sticker alert!
New Year's Resolutions: HSHV edition
Very special puppy seeks a very special home
A Multi-Classroom Connection!
Sweet Treats for Animals!
Kind Class
Party for a Cause
A Very Giving Family
Playful Donation
Tis the Season of Giving
The Art of Teaching Love
A Passion for Animals
Two pups, three days, no food
Do animals grieve?
Kitten and puppy save each other
Camp PAWS Participants Give Back!
Purr-fect Presents for HSHV!
Mrs. Lewis's Class Earns an A+ from HSHV!
No more cages
Twice the Power of Giving!
Little Sesame became the King
Where did all my backyard friends go?
"All I can see are ribs and hips."
Share the Love
Inspiring Youth
A Wonderful Troop!
Romeo romeo
Pawsitively Great Girl Scouts!
Collections of Compassion
Generous Gifts
Love for Animals!
Birthday Party for Paws!
Dog Love
Doggone Great Donations!
Donations Instead of Gifts
Compassionate School
A Love Story
Celebrating in Style!
Animal Love
3,500 adoptions... and counting
For the Love of Cats
Generous Birthday Girl!
For the Love of Animals
Beware of Animals Making Poor Decisions While Chasing Tail
Marmalade the Orange Cat
BooBoo (13 yrs) & Jupiter (4 mos)
Save the Animals
Birthday Bash!
Shelter Dog Love!
The Fantastic Adventures of Ella
Acts of Kindness
Pawsitively Great Presents
Summer Tradition Brings Donations
5 days without food
Volunteer spotlight: Mark Bertz
A1C Trotta and Jebediah
Lemonade Love
Bravo Brownies!
Super Siblings
Hard Work Pays Off
Camper Gives Back
Animal Aid
So Sweet!
Kind-hearted Kid
Penny (formerly Sheila)
Brotherly Love
Birthday Bonanza
The Spirit of Generosity
Choo ching!
Creative Kids
Bracelets for Good
High School Students Bring Awareness
Lemonade Love
Chores for Animals
Birthday Donations
Schoolmates Donate
Animal Lover Gives Back
Birthday Kindness
Artist for Animals
How did the turtle cross the road?
"Some weeks it's hard to buy food for both us and our pets."
Kitten rescued from sewer, after two days of attempts
Lemonade Aid
Sibling Success
8-Year-Old Helper
Bracelets Help Animals
Hard Working Youth!
Grey Kitten Purrs His Way Into a Our Home
Norman (formerly Boogie Monster)
Puppy Inspiration
Generous Birthday Girl
Loose Change Helps
Adopter gives back
48 cats seized from Plymouth hoarder
Pool Party Helper
Toys for Dogs
Animal Lovers
5 things you've wanted to know about HSHV
Dodger and Jack (formerly Fuzzy and Fuzzball)
A Loving Home
Her cat had been missing 2 years
Third Graders Extraordinaire
Girl Scouts to the Rescue
Generous 9-Year-Old
Aiding Animals with Lemonade
Birthday Kindness
Donations > Presents
A Love for Dogs
Towels to Help
Insider news - notes from our CEO
Dudley (Knuckles)
A Truly Kind Kid
T-Shirts for Good
Generous Birthday Girl
Symons Service
Buddy (formerly Dolby)
Orphaned Fawn Gets to Walk Again
our little Bell
Brylee's Birthday
Musicians Helping Animals
Random Act of Kindness
This weekend's forecast: HOT DOG
Dixie mere
Clementine (formerly Isabella) is blossoming
A friend for Roxie
Baby boom!
Are free adoptions a good idea?
Walk & Wag and Run AND WOW!
A picture tells 1,000 words
Help from Neighbors
Giving Girl Scouts
Cat Lovers Unite
Saving Up to Save Animals
Future Entrepreneurs
Plants for Pets
Daisies to the Rescue
Bandanas, toys and treats!
Party Goers Donate
Super Duper Donations!
5th Grade Helpers
Happily ever after
Kitten Rescued from Little Caesars Arena
School Project Helps Animals
Birthday Party Donations
Cookies for Good
Kids Helping Animals
Jasper Love
Cats are counting but not multiplying
5th Grade Generosity
Selling Goodies for Animals
Dexter bulldozer halts for 5 baby foxes
BISSELL Sponsors Free Adoption Day at HSHV
Ahhh, relief
Eva Helps Animals
Two Cool Kids
Leif Erikson
Freshman Class Helps Animals
Very Kind Victoria
Our not so cautious kitten
My Sweet Jolene
One Generous First Grader
Birthday Philanthropy
Ambitious for Animals
Brynn's Birthday Kindness
Birthday Selflessness
A new hope for Hope
Erwin's Awakening
My angel, Chloe
Mr. Darcy
Volunteer spotlight: Anne Wood-Alatalo
Otto Likes Animals
Happy Birthday Party for Pets
Toys and Treats
Money and Food for Mutts
Animal abusers rarely stop there
Made With Love
Holiday Fun for Furry Friends
Leadership and Four-Legged Friends
Hardworking Helper
Little Vets and Animal Lovers
Little Lamb
Starved Pit Bull receives her day in court
Blue the Tripawd
Actions That Matter
Toys, Treats, and Timothy Hay
What kind of dog is that?
Big Love
Nemo's Story
$20 cat spay or neuter - limited time
Baby Bella
Someone to love
Furry Family Affair
Fun for a Future Vet
Inspiration for the Animals
Fun for Furry Friends and Kids
8th Grade Entrepreneurs for Animals
Fifth Birthday Fun for Animals and Kids
We broke the record!
Doggone Good Deed by a Wolf Den
Making Toys for Mutts
Great School Project for Pets
Sir Winston
Sharpshooters are out: Keep animals in
Camel's Story
From the Tooth Fairy
Treats and Toys for Furry Friends
Doggone Good Donation
Donation for Doggies and Kitties
Crafts for Cats and Dogs
Saving All Year for the Animals
Love for Little Creatures
Puppies Find Love
Allowance for Animal Friends
Puppy Love
Holiday Party for Pets
Birthday Celebration for Animals
Cash for Cats and Dogs
Performance for Pets
Cash for Cute Animals
Friends and Fleece for Animal Pals
Piggy Bank Cash for Dogs and Cats
Saving and Giving for Furry Friends
Christmas Gifts for Cuddly Pets
Good Deed for Doggies and Kitties
Bake Sale Bucks for Cute Animals
Hand Made for the Holidays
Volunteer spotlight: Jessica Manees
Fun Run for Furry Friends
Helping Feed the Animals
Donation from the Heart
Acts of Caring and Kindness for Cute Animals
Extra Presents for Furry Pets
Kindness to Cute Animals
My new friend
21 cats found living in wire traps in Ypsilanti Township rescued
Brownies Make Blankets For Kitties
Archduke Franz Purrdinand
19 Puppies Abandoned in Park
Princess Jasmine
Lemonade Love for Little Animals
Pop Bottles for Pets
Help for Kitties and Humans
Christmas Presents for Puppies
A Family Affair for Furry Friends
Dollars for Doggies
Party for Pets
Calmest cat Laddoo
Speaking of Compassion
Kittens Give Thanks!
Caring for Animals
Team Effort for Treats
Pop Cans for Happy Critters
Nice for Cats and Mice
Lots of Love for Little Critters
Birthday Party for Pets
Food for Furry Friends
Doggone Great Donation!
Lulu (Formerly Delicata)
7 reasons why - Thanks to YOU -
Fur Harvesting Trap Catches "Dog" and Person
Love Letter to Animals
Doggone Nice Donation!
Money for Mutts and Kittens
Fluffy Pillows for Furry Pets
Camper Loves Critters
Our Dogs Play for Keeps
Shelter Helpers Help Their Furry Friends
Keeping Critters Alive and Well!
Caring for Kitties
Donations for Doggies and Kitties
Earnings for Animals
October & November big months for deer-vehicle collisions
Compassionate Child Chooses to Help Others
Woof down food & fun at Humane Society fundraiser
Pets & Pesticides
Celebrating Feral Cat Week
7 things you probably didn't know about Black Cats
Party Presents for Homeless Pets
Gabrielle's Gift
Lemonade Love
Kaitlyn's Gift to Critters
Really Really Nice Gift for Animals
Dixon may be blind
Lavender (Formerly Fluffy)
Animal Welfare professionals honor HSHV's CEO for "Leading the Way"
Blankets for Animal Buddies
Green Mustaches to the Rescue
Lemonade for Love
Donation for Dogs and Kitties
Food and Toys for Animal Friends
Inspired by Animals
Bottles for Bucks for Furry Friends
Annabel's Doll House
Adopting Chloe
Doggone Great Donation
Four-Year-Old Forever Friend to Animals!
Love Those Animals!
Lifesaving Animal Lovers
Oh fleas, don't get ticked!
Top 10 tips for Wildlife
Party for Pets
Scouting Out for Animals
Providing for Pets
Animal Lover to the Rescue!
Mr Miggs
Reward Doubles for Information on Slain Trumpeter Swans
Club For Critters
Kind Kids Gather for Cats
Funds for Furry Friends
Lemonade Love
Love From a Future Vet
$1,000 Reward Offered for Information on Slain Trumpeter Swans
Purr-fect Party
Lucky Lemonade
Pet-Sitter Extraordinaire!
Food and Friends for Furry Ones
Cookies for Critters
Caring Kids Support Shelter Animals
Play-Time for Dogs!
Birthday Love for Animals!
PetSmart Charities' Rescue Waggin ends in July, but never fear...
Daisy's new family
Pepper, now Sonic
Home-Made Fun for Kitties
Animal Inspirations
Helpful Helpers
Birthday Love for Animals
The heat is ON
Hoarder rescue
Hope for Healthy Animals
Animal Lovers and Lemonade
Hot Weather Help for Animals
Barnyard Roundup Helps Animals in Need
Making a Difference for Pets
A Passion for Pets
For the Love of Animals!
Food and Toys for Furry Friends
Peanut Butter for Pets
Checks for Critters
Up-And-Coming Animal Lover!
Friends for Furry Friends
Girl Scouts Vote to Give Cookie Proceeds to HSHV!
For cats' sakes!
Red, White and BOO
Humane Society of Huron Valley receives top 4-star rating for 5th year in a row
Funds for Furry Friends
Creativity for Cats and Dogs
Presents for Pups and Kitties
Leadership for Animals
Girl Scout Goodies for Animals
Girls Run for Critters!
Fun-For-Animals Fundraiser
Happy Doggie Memories
Ken (Now Mojo) Two Years Later
"Mattie's Mutts" inspires many, saves more
Update on Funny Otis
Bountiful Bowls feeds the need
Walk & Wag and Run raises over 290,000 "bones" for homeless animals
We fell so in love we got 2!
Lemonade Love for Animals!
Dog-Lovers Birthday Party!
Big Birthday Donation!
Brownie Quest Journey Leads to HSHV
Animal Lovers and Lemonade
Tiger Den Takes on Kindess to Animals
Brady (aka The Wink)
Coraline and Blinky Love Ava!
Girls On The Run Rock For Animals!
Deer Doctor makes house call to Ann Arbor
Ninja update
Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty
Twelve Dogs Seized from Ypsilanti Township Hoarder
Look out for animals
Doggone Great Deeds for Animals!
Lemonade Stand for Joyful Toys
Hand-Made with Love
Sweet Treats Make a Sweet Donation!
"Paws"itively Great Donations
Inspirational "Tail" of Generosity
Baking at Its Best
Compassionate Kids Make a World of Difference
Sweet Success for Animals
Collections for Cause
Birthday Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Kitty Birthday Paw-ty of Kindness
Hearts for the Homeless
Collections of Compassion
Birthday to Help Animals Brings Joy to HSHV
Thoughtful Girl Helps Animals and the Earth
HSHV Receives Some Puppy Love from a Very Kind Girl
Animals Feel the Love Thanks to Kind Kid
Animal Loving Youth Granted Funds to Help Animals
Tabby takes off
Cat breaks out of prison
Clinic Closed Dates
Coin Wars Win Big for Animals
Yooper Doggy
Cookies of Compassion
Birthday Boys Bring Wagon of Joy
Lemonade Stand for Love
Baked Treats Help Save Lives
Sale of Sweets Lends a Sweet Reward
Birthday Girl's Wish is to Give
Birthday Boy Celebrates All Lives
Chevy (Buck)
I didn't save her, she saved me!
Bunny Bonding worth the effort!
Hudson the Hound Dog
Young Group has a "BLAST" Helping Animals
Every one counts
When you wish upon a star...
Homemade with Love
A Birthday Wish of Love
Delightful Daisy Scout Donations
A Boy's Birthday Wish-list for Animals
Previous Adopter Shows True Leadership
Generous Birthday Girl Helps Out
Daisies for Homeless Animals
Compassion for Furry Companions
Purrfect Presents!
Brownie Troop Makes a Sweet Donation
Carly Knows Kindness
Courteous Birthday Partiers Donates for Animals
Donation for Dogs Does Wonders
Class Service Project Helps Animals
Generous Young Gentlemen Support Local Cause
Your dog gone great?
Youth Turns Bottles and Cans into Priceless Gift
Special Friends Share a Special Birthday
Birthday Guests Support Saving Lives at HSHV
Cat got out?
Speaking for the voiceless
Francis (formerly Witherspoon)
Compassionate Siblings Find Love and Appreciation
Generous Birthday Girl Helps Save Lives
Birthday Boy Shows Compassion On His Special Day
Purr-fect Birthday Gifts for HSHV!
Inspired by Love
Youths' Birthdays Celebrate Life and Love
Youth Group Gives Back
Cold Winter Days Bring Warmth and Love to HSHV
Youth Assists Positive Impact for Animals
Two starved dogs found, dumped roadside
Young deer found, killed, in middle of golf course
Youth Actions Create an Inspirational Positive Difference
Caring Youth Work to Make a Positive Difference
Girl Scouts Merit Respect and Award for Kindness
Caring Animal Lover Helps Shelter Pets
Help protect lost pets
Tiny Lions are about to roar
"I wasn't going to adopt"
Mew Mew Mew Mew Mew
Compassionate Camper Contributes to Help Animals
My sassy Scarlett
Compassionate Kids Create Cozy Blankets
A Gesture of Good Goes a Long Way
Kind Kid's Piggy Bank Saves Coins and Lives
Took a Chance 5 years ago
Owners of starving dog to be charged with neglect
Love for Animals Inspires Kind Kid to Help Out Everywhere
Animals Help Celebrate Kind Kid's Birthday
Girl Scout Participants Make Great Leaders for Helping Animals
10-Year-Old gets 10 stars for Generosity
Fleece Blankets and Funds for Fur Babies
Animal Lover Helps Human and Non-Human Animals
A Voice for the Voiceless
Kind Kid's Love for Animals Trumps Christmas Presents
Future Vet and Animal Heroes Raise Funds
Generous Youth Supports HSHV's Mission
Birthday Girl Donates for a Good Cause
Kind Kid Helps HSHV Rescue Animals
Birthday Party Guest Gives Back
Hard Work for Animals Also Helps the Community
Special Christmas Wish Brings Love to Animals at HSHV
The Value of Family Pets
Perfect Piece To Our Puzzle
A Home for Hannah
Twinkle (now known as Nala)
A year with my forever family.
Must Love Dogs
Advent Calendar Activity Leads to HSHV
Compassionate Girl Donates for Birthday
Holiday Season Inspires Birthday Girl to Give Big
Christmas Spirit Evokes Call to Help Shelter Animals
A Tradition of Giving
Spreading Joy for the Holidays
Youth Work Together to Help Animals
Girl Scout Inspired to Help Animals
Roxanne (renamed Georgia)
Santa to deliver adopted pets in our community
Tutor Time Helps the Community
Youth Donates Hard-Earned Allowance to Animals
Young Lady Makes Big Plans to Help Animals
Birthday Girl Gives Back to Animals
A Priceless Gift
Kind Kid Shows Character
Young Animal Lover Gives Back
Beloved Pet Inspires Birthday Donations
A Tradition of Giving
Grateful Birthday Boy Gives Back
The Gift of Giving
Celebrating With Animals
Collecting Change to Change Lives!
A Birthday Girl's Gift
Barnaby - how old is 16 years in dog years?
Birthday Child Shares Happiness
A Compassionate Birthday Wish
Generous Youth Help Animals in Need
A Birthday Shared With Animals
Grateful is an understatement
No Turkey!
What we wouldn't do for the love of an animal
Lawton Elementary Students Sell Sweets for HSHV
46 animals rescued from local hoarder
An A+ Project!
Inspired to Help Animals
Showing Love to Animals In Need
A "Hoppy" Birthday!
Slumber Party Brings Excitement to HSHV
Animal Lovers Help HSHV
Taro and Hanako
Finding Joanna Lee
Camp PAWS Participant Returns to Help Shelter Animals
It wasn't a Glitch...
The Great Rat Race
A Friend to Animals
Our little boy.
Petey's New Home
Humane Society of Huron Valley receives 4-star rating again
Killing the deer and the messenger
Wilson and Cloud
Sweets Sale Helps Sweet Animals
HSHV Animals Celebrate Celine's Birthday
Two Loving Sisters
How to reduce deer-vehicle collisions
Kind Kid Makes a Difference
4-H Group Contributes to Hooves and Paws
One Big Happy Family
Willy's Story
Jake the WonderDog
A Kind Kid's Birthday Wish
Summer Camp Youth Give Back to the Community
Twins Team Up to Help Animals
Justice prevails
Chill out kitties, Momma's here
Patience pays off
Polo for Paws!
Youth Theater Group Goes to Work for Animals
Humane Society of Huron Valley Scores "Best Chef in America" for fundraiser
Violin Musician Helps Animals
Betty White aka Cassey Nov 2010
Young Animal Lovers Make a Difference
Leela Loves Animals
A Kind Kid's Birthday
When Life Gives You Lemons...Help Some Animals!
A Shared Love for Animals
Cans for Kitties
Maren's Big Heart Helps Animals
Stitched With Love
Lemonade Aids Animals
Spreading Joy on Ruby's Birthday
Animal Lover Gives Gifts to Animals
Birthday Gifts Go To Animals
9 Year Old Animal Advocate
Allowance Goes to Helping Animals
5th Graders Help Animals
Animal Lover Helps HSHV
Kind Kid With a Big Heart
Animal Lovers Make a Difference
Chase finds his heroes
Oh those Butterfly kisses...
A2 City Council calling for deer slaughter
Human with humongous heart needed for dog who's losing his
Lavender (formerly known as Mars)
A happy George (formerly Van McMuffinson)
Marshall Tabbikins
Cinderella's Gus Gus
The Countess Comes Home
Humane Society of Huron Valley to open Tiny Lions Lounge & Adoption Center
Local resident to be sentenced for leaving dog to starve to death
Purr-fect Birthday Gifts for HSHV!
Birthday Boy Donates to HSHV
Girls Group Gives Back
Chores for Charity!
Dog Lovers Sell Treats to Support HSHV
Generous Group Donates to HSHV
Paw-tastic Birthday Donations!
Birthday Party Donates Wonderful Presents
Keystone Academy Donates to HSHV
Aspiring Vet Helps HSHV
A Thirsty Community Supports Fundraiser
Generous Garage Sale!
Ryder's New Home!
Takoda - the perfect fit!
August is Senior Pet Month at the Clinic
Overpopulation is Fix-A-Bull
Pet Fire Safety Week
Prison Cat Gets Paroled
Such a lover
Vader the Shih Tzu
Loving Lemonade Sales!
Oh, deer!
Dog gets saved twice in a week
Hearing the alarm
Can Collections Create Change!
Generous Girls Help HSHV!
Birthday Wishes for Animals!
Homemade Blankets Keep Animals Cozy!
Camp PAWS Participant Gives Back!
Jar Collection Changes Lives of Homeless Animals!
Sweet Success!
Lemonade Stand Helps Animals!
Purr-fect Presents for HSHV Animals!
Birthday Presents Help HSHV!
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals!
June in July
Eugene loves his forever home!
Gracie formally known as Hannah
Oreo (A.K.A. Connor)
Jarvis comes out of his shell
Don't buy the stereotype
Go Bark!
Presents for Those In Need
Happy Pets On Samantha's Birthday
Love for Elderly Felines
Community Comes Together to Eat Soup and Help HSHV
Youth Collect Items for Animals
Get refills online!
Kittens can go into heat as early as 4 months old
Kind Kid Helps Animals
750 Hand-Made Cat Toys Donated
Sharing Birthday Cheer With Animals
Presents for Pets
Young Animal Lover Makes a Difference
A Charitable Gift From Local Students
Kindergarten Class Collects Pennies for Pets
Arya found her forever home!
A great year for Koda (formerly George)
A Special Birthday Wish
Love abounds
Senior Streak
Sisters, at last!!
Everlasting Love
A Birthday Wish to Help Others
A Love for Animals Inspires Charity at a Young Age
Fifth Graders Work to Help Homeless Animals
Lucy becomes an Evalt!
Callie (formerly Peaches)
Cole (still Cole) & Cali (formerly Angie)
Brotherly Love
Girls on the Run Help HSHV
Local School Helps HSHV
Girls on the Run Fill Our Donation Bin
Managing deer in Ann Arbor
An adopted brother!
Mimi and Moe
Inspired by a Love for Animals
Mya Helps Homeless Animals on her Birthday
Bottle Drive to Benefit Animals
Girls on the Run Help Animals
Managing Urban Deer Humanely
Bake Sale to Benefit Animals!
Re-purposed Clothing Pet Toys
Kind Kid Helps Those Less Fortunate
"Owner does not want this dog."
Scout's Honor
It could happen to anyone
Max finds a home
Super Nova
Random Acts of Kindness
Frost (previously Smittens) joins our family!
Reilly Really Loves Animals!
Brownie Troop Sells Sweet Treats to Help Sweet Animals
BeeBee Joins Our Family
Kind Kid With a Big Heart
Kind Kids Help Animals on Their Birthday
Emily Gives Back to HSHV
Kind Kids Help Shelter Dogs
Birthday Girls Help Animals
Update on Teela
Youth Work Together to Help Animals
When Life Gives You Lemons...
Kind Kid Cadence Has a Big Heart
Quinn Shares Birthday Cheer!
A Special Surprise for the Cats
Birthday Girl Has a Big Heart
Future Veterinarian Shows Her Love for Animals
Animal Lover Gives Back
Mr. Duffy's Big Adventure
Kind Kid Cares About Animals
Cat Lover Gives Back
Working Together to Help Animals
A Gift of Love
School Pays Off
Respect for the Working Cats
An education
Adopt a Pit - Stop the bull
Wilson and Cloud
Kindergartener Cares About Animals
Happy First Birthday Zazu and Rio!
New Best Friend
Homeless Animals Are Shown Some Love
A Kind Kid's Birthday Party
Savings Goes to Saving Dogs
Birthday Boy Spreads Care and Compassion
Lillian's Birthday Wish
First Impressions Are Important
Stop those noisy cats!
Clinton Revisited
Hot Diggity Dog!
"Sam"s bond
Kind Kid Helps His Community and Celebrates His Birthday
Birthday Girl Helps Needy Animals
Leila update
Pennies for Paws in Canton
Handcuffed to Our Hearts
Mill Creek Kids Are Superheroes for Homeless Pets
From 1 of many to 1 in a million
Peep's Progress
Girl Scout Helps Out
Cute Kid Loves Cute Pets
Watching TV Inspires Kindness in Community Kid
Young horse dumped roadside
Valentine's Day Adoption 2015
Prison to Paradise
Milo (now Loki)
A Jack to Complement the Border Collies
Saving Sasha
Calling all Top Dogs
Birthday Girl Makes a Big Difference
Victory for Homeless Animals
Finally safe and WARM
Life with Doris
Shania sees a bright new future
5 ways to help furry friends in frigid temperatures
A duck tale
Jackson -
Injured puppy found in box will walk again
Walk & Wag and Run early bird registration open
Some Birthday Gifts Just Can't Compete
Kaitlyn Joins the Paw Patrol
Two Rescues Are Better Than One
Mimi Loves Animals
Roscoe (formerly Lugnut) is wonderful!
Atticus Gets an A+ from HSHV
A forever home for Panda
Foxy (now Miss Marple) and Shazam (now Mr. Finch)
Birthday Girl Knows How to Party
Girl Scout Becomes Hero to Animals and HSHV staff!
Shannon Feeds the Hungry and Homeless
Hey, Singles!
Single and looking for love?
Abbot (now Lyndon)
Kid Becomes Teenager in Style
Warm Hearted Well Wishers Want Warm Animals
Roller girl (now Lucy)
Fleur (now Kona)
Birthday Girl Loves Animals
Little Daisies Earn Their Petals
Local Kid Learns How to Be Responsible and Generous with Money
Dog Lover Visits HSHV and Leaves with a Smile
Helping Hands around the House Help Homeless Animals
Cat owners can "Beat the Heat" before spring with our spay campaign
Ash the Sassy Cat
At home with Aalto
Milo & Atticus
A fresh start to a home helps homeless animals
Junior Volunteer helps the homeless animals she already enjoys helping
11th birthday party scores an 11/10
Scouts spend time and energy helping animals
Student Council comes up with a great plan
Two siblings team together to help animals
Local kid practices philanthropy
Birthday girl parties at HSHV and gives back to the animals
Ringing bells to help pets
Dicken Elementary School helps out
Birthday party generates generous gifts for HSHV
Adopter wants to give back
Bartlett Kids make a big difference
Cameron inspires his friends to help with his own kindness
Community service project inspires help for HSHV
Christmas party invitations have a special request
Kitty lover loves HSHV on Christmas
Elise celebrates Christmas by supporting HSHV
Aliya allows for a kind gift
Bella update
Mr. Peanut, The Classy Man
Gigi the Diva is home!!
Mochi Stole My Heart
HSHV pledges to help save 1,000,000 more cats
Welcome to our family Isabella "Izzy"
Welcome Home Liberty
Bentley relaxing
Golden Sleigh (now Miso) comes home!
We love Blume (and Isaiah!)
Isaiah Meets our Goldie
To Canton Residents
Newt has a forever home!
Happy cats
The road to saving 1 million cats
Indy (finally) has a playmate
How did we ever live without Jade??
Darby rescued us!
We love our two kitties!
Kimba turns 14
Lily (Bear)
Light of our life
Bottle Drive and Chores Helps Homeless Animals
Josie Brings HSHV Cash
Sisters Practice Compassion
Theo Loves Cats
Kegan and Emme Love Adopted Pets
My second Pat the Cat
Birthday Kid Helps Animals
Jake (Brinks)
HSHV asking for information on abandoned, abused dogs and puppies
The Season for Good Samaritans
Squitten, the special (needs) kitten
Little Girl Has a Big Heart
Shannon Comes Back to Help Animals
Jocelyn Gives Cash!
Laura Throws a Birthday Party for Animals
Beau is a Sweet Boy
Three Friends Share a Special Kind of Gift
Michener Does a Good Deed
Ellie Helps Animals
We need room!
Hedgehogs, Dogs, Chickens and more
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday!
Sunshine gets new name & home!
Best of friends kept together
Tyco, my FIV Positive cat.
Top 10 reasons we're thankful
What a friend
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday!
Alexandra Can't Resist Baby Animals
Whitty the Kitty
Shannon Can't Help Herself When It Comes to Helping
Blankets from Kind Girls Warm Hearts
10 year anniversary
Looking For Love ...
Kind Kid Turns Volunteer
Toys, Food, and Cash for Homeless Pets
Daisy Troop Sows Seeds of Kindness
Dixon (Bluebeard) found his forever home
Birthday Kid Kevin Helps Out
Katelyn gives the perfect gift
Saving Funds for Fun Friends
Future Vet Starts Her Practice of Compassion
Tied up, but not brought down
Audrey and Friends Help Animals
Longstanding volunteer to be honored at HSHV Fundraiser
Getaway with a deal
She's here
Confirmation Team Confirms Their Passion for Compassion
Jack Is Always Welcome Back
Zephyr Celebrates Her Birthday a Special Way
Bentley's New Life
A Record Year
Church Group Helps Homeless Animals
Ella Remembers What She Learned on a Field Trip
Diamond meets Ruby
Birthday Girl Turns Nine but Has Double Digit Compassion
HSHV scores "Best Chef in America" for fundraiser
Cato's Golden Years
Small Gesture of Kindness Makes a Big Difference
Lemonade Stand Earns Big Bucks for HSHV
Clinton's Journey - Senior to Pup
Nolan Gives up Gifts
Kate K the Kind Kid
Arizona settles into her new home!
Robert the Bruce
Dapper Dan
Moo & Binks
Huntington Helps Animals
Tim Understands Enrichment
Robin, Hannah, and Katrusha Make Sweets for Sweet Animals
Owen and Neah Have a Cool Eighth Birthday
Blankets and More from Kind Kid Della
Anda Is the Best
A Lovely Addition to the Family, Rosie
Amos now Jefferson
Best Cats, ever!
An awesome kitty
New Life for Briscoe "Reagan"
Update on Duchess (formerly) Willow
Five Animal Lovers Beat the Heat
Kid Kiersten Kicks Kindness Tail
Eleven-Year-Old Brings In a Huge Bounty of Gifts
HSHV rescues Bambi
Young Kid Works Hard to Collect Donation for HSHV
Sweet Sarah Honors Her Buddy
Seinfeld Clan
Remy - The Caramel Kitty
Abbott - Now Howie
Meet Maleficant
Local Girl Claire Loves Homeless Animals
Lemonade Always Works!
Girl Scouts Earn a New Badge
Dexi, (the midnight runner)
Take a Pooch for a Paddle
Kid Turns a Garage Sale into a Huge Success for Pets in Need
My New Playmate, Mina
HSHV Assists CAHS with Dogs Rescued in Ohio
Funny Otis
Birthday Girl Tries a Compassionate Kind of Gift
Rainbow Bracelets Rain Compassion on HSHV
Rainbow Bracelets Show a Prism of Kindness
Lemonade and Popcorn for Labradors and Poodles
Local Lemonade Lets Animals Love Life
HSHV Receives Outstanding Shelter Award for Best Save Rate
1st Anniversary!
A part of the family
Norman (formerly Boogie Monster)
A Second Chance at Becoming a Spoiled Housecat
Guitar Playing and Culinary Skills Warms the Heart
Garage Sale Helps HSHV's Treasured Animals!
Camp PAWS Camper Shows Compassion!
Loving Lemonade Helps Animals!
Compassionate Concessions!
Popcorn for Pets!
Chris and Jebediah
Purr-fect Presents for HSHV!
Third Annual Lemonade Stand is a Success!
Murray's Birthday!
Teen Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty
Murray's 11th Birthday
Fishing Tackle Can Be Harmful to Wildlife
Quentin Quire, formally Ikey
The 6 Bears
Endless Love
Turner finds a forever home
My best friend Prescott
Odin and Thor :)
Baby Bleu fka Harrison Ford of Cats
Summer Lovin' at HSHV - The Beat Goes On!
Chase turns one
Summer Lemonade Stand Supports HSHV
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals
Lemonade Stand Saves Lives!
Youth Earns an A+ From HSHV!
Paw-ty Time for HSHV Animals!
Teens Plead Guilty to Animal Cruelty
Young Actors Perform an Act of Compassion!
Purrfect Lemonade Sale!
Birthday Party for Pets!
Animal Lover Supports HSHV!
HSHV Dog Inspires Donations
Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Wanted: A Great Dog!
Bubbles finally knows a Home
My Lukey Loo Loo
Cat Lover Helps HSHV!
Paw-sitively Great Donations!
Archie's Forever Home
HSHV Urges "Pit Bull" Parents to Prevent Unwanted Litters during their August "Primp Your Pit" Campaign
The Unrecognizable Dog
Molly, My "Energizer Bunny" Dog
Birthday Donations for HSHV!
Love that grows and grows
Bucket List Helps HSHV!
Lemonade Stand for HSHV!
Generous Donation Supports Homeless Animals!
Nui is a sweet kitten
Renya is a bundle of joy
Mabel is growing fast
HSHV Receives Third Straight 4-star Charity Navigator Rating
Rico AKA Buttons
The Long Road Home
HSHV Closed on July 4th
Celebrate Independence Day at HSHV!
Keep your dog safe during 4th of July celebrations
Rue is an absolute doll!
Birthday Gifts Support Homeless Animals!
Sweet Success for HSHV Animals!
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals!
A Bountiful Bowls Birthday!
Future Veterinarian Donates to HSHV!
Zach Morris
Our Precious Mia
HSHV Celebrates the "World Pup"!
Class Donation Drive for HSHV Animals!
Brownie Troop Supports HSHV!
Recycled Dog Toys for HSHV!
Generous Girl Scout!
Purr-fect Presents!
Compassionate Girl Helps HSHV!
Compassionate Community Service!
School Raffle Raises Money for HSHV!
Queen Edward I
Welcome home Bunker
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
HSHV finds loving homes for puppy mill victims
Barn Cat Update #2
My best friend!
Welcome Home Odie!
Making friends
A new home
Kitty makes three!
Owner of Raisin Tree Farms Releases Right to Dogs and Puppies
Plant Sale to Benefit HSHV Foster Program
Lawton Elementary 3rd Graders Earn an A+ from HSHV
Abby Impresses HSHV Staff with her kindness
LITTLE and SOPHIE (formerly "Buttons")
Cinderella Story
Girl Scouts Select HSHV as Benefactor To Their Cookie Sales
Lemonade Stand Stands Up For Animals
35th Annual Walk & Wag and Run - a Huge Success!
Moot and Oz
We Celebrate the 1,000 & 1,001 Adoption of 2014!
Chevy the High Octane Pug
Come to the HSHV Foster Fair!
Sweet Kid, Sweet Beverages, and a Sweet Cause
Dylan Celebrates Getting Older and Loving Animals
Eden and Her Siblings Decide to Help Animals
A new life for Luther!
Love at first sight
Cutie Pie (formerly Egypt) is doing great
Bob formerly "Scruffy"
Last Chance to Double Your Donation
Stanley's Party
Young Local Girl Has a Mature Sense of Charity
Forrest, FKA, Hansen
Happy happy happy!
Ruby (formerly Demi) doing great
Barn cats Happy Tail!
Join Casper's Walk & Wag Team!
Area Girl Scouts Host a Successful Donation Drive
Madeline Makes Homeless Animals Smile with her Kindness
Lincoln Middle School Kids Help the Homeless Animals
Month of the Young Child Project Helps Homeless Pets
Megan Loves Animals
From Trash to Tiger Cats
Young Woman Sees Need and Helps
Ten Reasons to Register for Walk & Wag
Kitten Season
My First Day as a "Cork" by Ella
Going the extra mile for Mandarin
Get Ready for the Tigers Tuesday Ticket Giveaway!
No one asks for as many hugs as Marvin Suggs
Mia's Happy Tail
Gracie and her boys
$10,000 Walk & Wag and Run - Matching Grant Challenge This Week ONLY!
There's just something about Mary!
Emaciated Boxer Doing Well
Did you get an Easter Lily this past weekend?
Adoption was the best!
Texas Dogs Inspire Michiganders to Help Out Locally
Shannon Knows What Animals Deserve
Birthday Girl Asks For Donations Instead of Gifts
Troop #40372 Makes Giving Look As Easy As 1-2-3
Damian Turns 10 and Shows off His Grown-Up Generosity
Cate Brightens Days for HSHV Animals
Cate Brightens Days for HSHV Animals
Damian Turns 10 and Shows off His Grown-Up Generosity
Don't let heartworm scare you off from adopting
Colby and Brady Graduate from College
Make Mine Chocolate
Bert-my Butterscotch boy
Miggy - My favorite Tiger :)
Aidan Speaks the Truth
Aliya Impresses HSHV Staff
Young Craftsman Creates For Cats
Peyton (formally Dora)
Hurricane Nellie
#Catmode - No Joke!
Cars to Cats at the Click of a Mouse
Sweet Haley
Jackie to Baker
Beagle Brothers
Cinders to Cinderella
UPDATE: Puppy Recovering from Surgery
Jacob Honors His Friend with a Gift
Girl Scouts Change the World
Joey Demonstrates the Power of Kindness
Gallimore Elementary Student Council Helps HSHV
Macka and Oscar; Best Friends
Ellie Wants to Pay Back the Animals
Bella has a new home!
Sita the Polloter Hound Mix
HSHV asking for information related to an abused, 4-month old puppy, found in Superior Township
Hannah is such a special addition to our family! (formerly "Thelma")
Meow Madness at HSHV!
Grace Heals Others While She Heals
Bethany Goes Double Digits in Style
Future Adopter Stops By With Gifts
Finn's Army
HSHV Animal Rescues in the News
Update On Tonks (formally Bella)
Bored Pets? Interactive Toys Might Be the Answer!
HSHV Celebrates 500th Adoption of 2014
Leland's new home!
Birthday Girl Wants to Help
Gita Carries on the Tradition of Compassion
Two Friends Help Others Celebrate Friendship
Local Church Works Together
Julia Recognizes Her Fortune, and Shares It
Shannon Wants to Help the Needy
Humane Efforts Being Made to Reduce Feral Cat Population
Hello from Florida
And the winner is . . .
Rambo is settling in nicely!
Cocoa (Lucille) happy at 1 year
Oliver, our "barn cat"... Or.. "Mom, can we get better furniture for our barn?"
Cream Cheese and Lox!
Cabo (formerly Snickers)
Bonnie is doing great!
Leila is growing fast
Tiana is the boss of the house
Dakota is doing well
Support HSHV at The Big House 5k: Trail to the Vistors
Our Beautiful Ruby (previously Piper)
Bisou's Journey Home
Fall in Love with a Feline this Valentine's Day!
We Love Peanut Butter
Local Girl Finds Way to Help Animals and the Environment
Emily Tries a Twist on the Classic Sweet 16
Girl Scout Juniors Earn Highest Honor Helping Animals
Happy tale for (Huck) Finn
Milo Loves Animals
Oliver's forever home
Bear (Formerly Fleetfoot)
Tipsy is doing great
Turtle Proves that Miracles Do Happen
Woodson the Wolverine!
Our Rescue Girl, Cayman . . .
Update on Colby's Excellent College Adventure
House Sitter Works to Help the Homeless
My new home
Polly! 2 years with our family
Daisy Troop 41005 Helps Out
Cali Loves Animals
13 years later...
Annabel Practices Kindness AND Frugality
Our Fly Boys!
Jax is doing really well
Micro settles in (and takes over)
Meant to be!
Beat the Heat - Spay your female cat for only $20
Couch time
Queen Kitka
Sweet Sisters!
Family with Two Adopted Dogs and Two Incredible Boys
Isabel and Annaliese Join in on a Yard Sale
Girl Scouts Complete a Daisy Journey
Young Girl's Compassion Leads Her to Action
DJ and his new forever home!
New Dog Training Classes Offered at HSHV
Welcome Home Margo!
Ava's HSHV Birthday Culminates in a BIG Donation
Local Girls Work Hard for Local Pets
Cub Scout Pack 293 Celebrates Their 60th Birthday with HSHV
Community Girl Loves the Animals
Simone's Faith Leads Her to Generosity
Virtuoso Kid Makes Beautiful Art for HSHV
Seven-Year-Old Impress HSHV Staff with Her Kindness
Love at first sight!
Life is brighter with Charlie!
T.C (formerly Eve)
Lovely Seamus
Could your dog be our next star?
Hunter is now Maxx
Spruce & Spookie
Ozzie is a Sweet Cat
Sammy and Munchie
Lenny Still Loves HSHV
Amour (love)
Angus and Molly
HSHV Reminds People to Protect Pets from Freezing Temperatures
The Tooth Fairy, Hard-Work, and Kindness Prevail
Two Sisters Help Homeless Animals
Simple Gift for the Sweet
We were thrilled to meet the young women of Brownie Troop 40184 it's hard not to loBrownie Troop Learn the Skill of Compassion
Harriet the Happy Cat
Brother and Sister Reflect on All They have to be Thankful For
What is your New Year's resolution?
(Now my name is 'Bug'!)
Settling Right In
HSHV Holiday Hours
Muki's Big Day!
10th Birthday Turns into a Cause for HSHV to Celebrate
Two Sweet Boys
Home Sweet Home
Can you give an older cat a home for the holidays?
Local Kid Culminates a Year of Giving with Another Gift
Sweet Siblings Bake for our Homeless Friends
Brownie Troop Learns About and Helps Animals
Valet for Vizslas
Birthday Plus Thanksgiving = one happy HSHV
Hi, I'm Punkin!
Poppy is priceless
1 year later
Diego (previously Gizzy)
HSHV Adoptions Program will open at noon on 12-12-13
Infant Kitten Recovering from Hypothermia
Jackson Paw-lick
Girl Scouts Earn Their Pets Badge
Angell Kids Transform T-Shirts into Toys
Snuggliest. Dog. Ever.
Ellie is an adorable, loving dog
Easy Ways to Help Homeless, Abused and Injured Animals this Holiday Season
Peyton (previously Dora)
Giving Tuesday: Give A New Life This Holiday
HSHV Can Do Can Donations
Double Birthday Party Yields Double Donations
Buckets are Filled, Hearts are Warmed
We Were Rescued!
I wanted to say hello!
Batman and Bones
New Sisters Evelynn and Lady
Brownie Troops Makes Beds, and We're Not Talking About Their Bedrooms
Canvassing for Canines
Birthday Girl Tries Giving Presents Instead
Girl Scouts Organize Donation Box
Local Family Rallies Around Animals
Local Kid Not to be Outdone by her Friends
Lucky Kid Decided to Share the Wealth
Money and Toys for our Homeless Animals
Papillion Lover Celebrates her Birthday
Lonely Kitty...NO MORE!!!!
HSHV will not open until 3 PM on Wed., Nov. 20th
Why Receive When You Can Give?
Working Towards Badges by Helping Animals
Soul (previously "Leonard")
Clarabell (Puddleglum)
Our Pepper
Remington Steele "Remy" (fka: Walter)
Peyton (previously Dora)
Luna (previously Wizard)
"No Cat Left Behind" Adoption Drive
We Need Your Help!
Animal Lover Comes Bearing Gifts
American Heritage Girls Help Animals
Young Girl Honors Her Life-Long Companion Winslow
Bottle Drive for Baby Animals
Gold Star for Kid Earning her Silver Award
Young Kid Makes a Mature Choice
Keep your pet safe during Halloween
Queen Bee Kiki
Peyton aka Dora (adopted 10/16/2013)
Pit Bull Awareness Day
Simon Says: Love!
Kingston (formally Zion) Update!
Young Artist Sells Her Wares for Good
Violet's Birthday Helps the Animals
Meant to be
South Lyon Student Raises Money for HSHV
Brownie Troop Crafts Help Local Animals
Two is better than one!
Fluff Ball of Love!
Low Cost Vaccination Clinic Scheduled for November
Budding Philanthropist Shares the Wealth
Donations > Gifts say Two Local Kids
Ann Arbor Kid Delivers a Mountain of Goodwill
Area Kid Chooses HSHV for School Community Service Project
Animal Lover Inspired by HSHV's Need
Our Little Henry
Eevee & Me
HSHV Acknowledged by the Michigan Pet Fund Alliance as Best Large Animal Shelter
Morning Star Kids Rise to the Occasion
Birthday Kid Shares Her Toys
Sneaky Flock of Pink HSHV Patrons
From Wheels to Meals
Two Kind Kids Celebrate the Memory of Their Beloved Keiki
Have Cat,Will Travel
Cat Nip Cafe
Welcome home Bella!
Purrrfect Together
Here's... JackJack!
Cat Hoarder case spurs Free Feline Adoption event at the Humane Society of Huron Valley
6th Birthday Party Helps Our Furry Friends!
Purr-fect Presents for HSHV!
Who Rescued Who?
Thank you for my new best friend!
Birthday Girl Supports HSHV!
A sucker for orange kitties
The Cat Who Saved Me
Kobi's Story
Compassionate Feast to Feature Roast of UofM Coach Carol Hutchins
Compassionate Candy Sales!
Our one week Anniversary
Lost in the Woods
Matching Challenge Gift Will Help Farm Animals
Suburban Chevrolet Cadillac of Ann Arbor Helping Homeless Animal at the Humane Society of Huron Valley
Charity Navigator Awards the Humane Society of Huron Valley the Highest 4-Star Rating
Capa and Cassie (formally Smoke and Flames) come home
Previous Adopter Collects Donations for HSHV!
Generous Garage Sale!
Gatsby (formerly Wiley) is a super happy man!
Walking for Animals!
Concession Stand Raises Money for Homeless Animals!
Update on Scout
Dog Walking Helps Raise Money for HSHV!
Purr-fect Presents!
Summer Lemonade Stand Helps HSHV!
Compassionate Chores!
Phoebe's New Life
Cat Lover Helps HSHV!
Pit Bull Fans for Life
Lemonade Stand Supports HSHV!
Hard Work Pays Off!
Allowance for Animals!
Earning Money for Homeless Animals!
Birthday Girl Collects Donations!
Birthday Donations for Our Furry Friends!
Super Savings!
Adopted cat and kitten adapt!
My Name is Silas Now and I Love Bananas
Crazy Cat Family
Thank you for our new family member!
Daisy Girl Scout Troop 41635
Kislev is a delightful cat
Belinda, now Bella is a Joy
Chickpea the Cat
A New Begining
Edsel Ford
"My Little Princesses"
Fundraising for HSHV!
Allowance Pays Off for HSHV!
Summer Program Supports HSHV!
Animal Rights Club Helps HSHV!
Murray turned 10
Puppy Love
Update on "The Harrison Ford of Cats"
HSHV's Innovative Community Cat Program is Helping Overpopulation
Birthday Girl Supports HSHV!
Martavious (left) and Draven (right, formerly Thundercat)
Keeping Cool for Animals!
Two is better than one
Donkey finds her forever home
No Longer a Scaredy Cat
The Sweetest Thing
Who Rescued Who?
A Buddy for Life
Birthday Girl Shares the Love!
Summer Camper Brings Great Donation!
Generous Gifts for HSHV!
Good Grades Support HSHV!
Small dog with a big heart
Love at First Photo
Your pet can become over-heated
Surgical Veterinary Assistant/Technician - Full-time
Fleece Blankets Keep Our Animals Cozy!
Lemonade Sale Benefits HSHV!
From stray to companion: Tulip's story!
Our baby girl Cinder!
The beginning of a wonderful friendship
A sad reminder about leghold traps
Jake (formerly Amos) is fitting right in
Daddy's Girl
Houdini and Maggie
Elfie is so sweet
Joanie finds a home
Outpatient Veterinary Assistant/Technician - Full-time
Shelter Cleaner - Temporary
Previous Adopter Collects Donations for HSHV!
The Amazing Finn
Bountiful Bake Sale!
A True Belle
Generous Birthday Donations!
Our baby LooLoo
Sprout is a joy!
Sweet Success for Our Four Legged Friends!
Bronze Award Helps HSHV!
Delicious Cookies Help HSHV!
Clark Kent - his purr is louder than a locomotive
Bean is a perfect boy
Shop at HSHV.org!
Get Ready FORE a Good Time!
Rocky now Bubbles
Buffy the Vampire Slayer joins ZuZu
Birthday Girl Makes Donations!
Veterinary Assistant/Technician - Part-time
Princess Hobson Elizabeth Clark
Madeline Isabella Clark
Download the FREE HSHV App
Compassionate Cat Toys!
Advisory Class Shows Affection!
Purr-fect Presents for HSHV Animals!
Crazy Little Luna
Generous "Giving" By Local Youth
Birthday Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Presents for HSHV's Purr-fect Pets!
Olive (née Snowflake) is living large
Maizey Formally known as "Enna"
My Happy Tail
Iggy now is Sam
HSHV to Benefit From Sephora's Charitable Platform, Values Inside Out
Youthful Perfumer Douses HSHV with Love
Bronze Award Presented To Scouts Worth Their Weight in Gold
Cooper turns 15!
GOTR Girls Help Their Community
Real Change from Really Hard Workers
Sydney helps the animals
Sweet Brownies Make a Sweet Adoption
Muse of Charity Visits Birthday Girl
Birthday Buddies Buddy-Up with HSHV
Emerson Daisy Troop
Update "The Harrison Ford of Cats"
Contact Your State Senator in Support of SB 354
Sabestian now Nooney
So Grateful
Rocky & Frodo
Girl Scout Troop Has Sweet Success!
Winston is keeping us amused
Popcorn for HSHV Pets!
Beatrice and Sprinkle
My Sweet Astrid
My sweet Coco Puff
2013 Walk & Wag was a Huge Success
Noah casts a Webb of Yarn and Love
Mia Gives Back
Bake Sale For Beagles
Nana's House Rules
Anny of Ann Arbor (Laysi!)
Greenhills Create Taxonomy of Love1
Jordan Thinks of an Awesome Idea
Animal Lover Abby Gives Up Gifts for Homeless Animals
Hard Working Girl Scouts Earn Their Bronze Award!
Simon Says Be More Like Symon Elementary Kids
Small Dog, Big Heart
Forward Thinking Youth Makes a BIG Difference
Duncan Has a Home
HSHV Now Offers Humane Wildlife Removal in Washtenaw County
Happy sisters Bella (aka Amy)& Mitzy (aka Jo)
Bronze Award Helps Our Furry Friends!
Daisies are Making the World a Better Place!
Grant Helps to Benefit HSHV Animals!
Cute Crafts to Help HSHV's Furry Critters!
Collection Drive to Support HSHV Animals!
Birthday Gifts for HSHV Animals!
The Rainbow Bridge has a wonderful companion now
Best friends!
$9,500 Matching Challenge is Underway!
Lila Loves Animals, Animals Love HSHV, HSHV Loves Lila!
Callie (formerly Jasmine)
We love Buckley!
Emergency Animal Rescue Driver
New Happy Tails program on Community Television Network (CTN Ann Arbor Channel 19) to feature HSHV adoptable animals
Scruffy's (Formerly Stucky) New Home
Sean Sees a Solution
Cookie (formerly Carly Simon)
You Can't Spell Kindergarten Without Kind
Join us for a Walk & Wag and RUN Kick-Off Party
Posie is doing well
"Mavericks" New Home
We love Roxie!
Youth Makes Big Impact For Animals In Her Community
Aidan Aids HSHV Animals
Red Bell Preschool Shows Paul Revere Up
Wily Wylie Kids Plan A Movie Night To Rival The Oscars
Marleigh (Formerly Trisha) update:
Captain Jack Harkness (Jumpin' Jack Flash)
Detroit Public Television, HEART and HSHV Partner Together for PSA's Focused on Humane Education
GREAT NEWS! Your gift will be doubled TODAY, April 1st through April 5th!
Self-Employed and Self-Empowered Kid Does Great Work
Future Vet Gets An Early Start Helping Animals
Coco is Perfect for Me
Mateo Does It Again!
Proprietor of Jenny's Farm Market, Burton Hoey, Sentenced in Chelsea Court
HSHV Animal Cruelty Investigation Leads to Prosecution of Ypsilanti Woman
Hurry! Join us for Walk & Wag and Run by March 31st!
Future Leaders from Gallimore Help Out
Fleece Warms HSHV's Heart
Daisies Journey to a World of Animals
2 9-year-olds score a 10 out of 10
Zap Zone -- Mission:Compassion
Party Animals Party For Animals
Kind Kids Make Magic
Pipa (formerly Missy)
Number 3 Was an Accident
Smokey (Formerly Santi)
March Madness Adoption Competition
Brady (formally Mira)
Our New Pup
Gordon (formerly Rosco)
From Piggy Banks to Horsey Flanks
Future Dog Owner And Dog Lover Helps Out HSHV Pups
Oscar aka Oskar
Dakota - adopted in 2003
Burst of Energy Bobert!
Loose Change to Stop Loose Cats and Canines
Our cat Murray
Purrfect Birthday Presents for HSHV Animals!
Camp PAWS Registration is NOW OPEN
Best in Show Playing at the Michigan Theater
Compassionate Kid Makes Another Donation to HSHV!
Casper loves his new home
best buddies
Boo - Our Barn Cat!
HSHV Announces 2013 Celebrity Spokesdog - Divot
Instant Connection
Update on Marleigh (Formerly Tricia)
Sebastian (formally Silver)
Love at first sight!
Sparky (Formerly Alf)
Clark (formerly Hollywood)
HSHV and S.M.A.R.T present an award-winning documentary - Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home
Our Livie
Zoe the Puggle
Jelly Cat is the sweetest addition
Little Cat, BIG personality
Adoptors Opt to Swap Their Own Gifts For HSHV Animals
High School Kids Choose To Help Animals
Friends and Family Fundraise For HSHV Furballs
B-Day X-Travaganza
On Valentine's Day we share a story about unconditional love
It must be love... :o)
Lucky - adopted in 2000
Jax and Daisy
Pocky the Cat - an Unexpected Soul Mate
Thor and Hawke
Daisy (formerly Skipper)
Our boy Milo!(Formerly TJ)
It's not JUST puppy love
Kiki is now an Obvious Ninja
Generous Boy Donates His Tooth Fairy Money to HSHV!
Penny War Raises Money for Pets!
Compassionate Girls Collect Items for HSHV Animals!
Wish List Donations Help to Care for HSHV Animals!
11 Year Old Collects Donations at Her Birthday Party!
Barbarella's forever home
A new Best Friend
Jenny's Farm Market Proprietor, Burton Hoey, Pleads No Contest to Two Counts of Animal Cruelty
HSHV endorses the "Keep Michigan Wolves Protected" campaign
Juno Jumps In
HSHV Veterinary Clinic Provides Many Discounts in February
Purrfect Donations for HSHV!
Birthday Girl Donates to HSHV!
Compassionate Christmas Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Donations for Pets!
Previous Adopter collects Birthday Gifts for Animals!
Compassionate Kids Shop for Pet Food!
Sam reaches his final destination
A "Taz"mazing Experience
Zara (Formerly Kira)
A Hound's Life
Previous Adoptor Continues to Give
Xena is a wonderful dog
Papi-O loves his new home
Blue's new home
Aries (Formerly Chuck)
Two local animal hoarding cases leave HSHV over-full and in need of adopters
Here's Quinn! (Marilyn)
Lalalala- Lola
Silent Auction of Kid's Art Makes A Big Bang!
Wayne (Previously Cookie)
Simon and Marty and Dash
Tucker (formerly Rufus)
Dog Training Classes Canceled Tonight - Jan 10
Petey (formely Stewy)
Toby (formerly Rugby) is doing great
Moe's new home
JV (formally Domino)
Kingston (formerly Zion)
Donations for HSHV!
Birthday Paw-ty Presents!
Happy Howli-days for HSHV Animals!
Purr-fect Presents!
Doggone Great Donations!
Lucy (formerly Joy)
Paw-ty Donations!
Gambit (formerly Ace)
Deutzia (formerly Bonham) and Betty
HSHV Closing at 3:00 pm on New Year's Eve
Happy New Year, everyone!
A home for Christmas
Terrific Tattoos!
Super Savings for HSHV Animals!
A Compassionate Christmas Gift!
Fantastic Fleece Blankets!
Compassion and Coziness for HSHV Furry Friends!
Bubbles chilling out
HSHV Closing at 3:00 on Christmas Eve
Happy Holidays from HSHV
What makes HSHV so special?
Purrfect Presents for HSHV Animals!
Fleece Blankets for our Furry Friends!
Chanukah Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Generous Girl Scouts!
Mufasa Samotheous
Compassionate Chores!
Helping Paws Club!
HSHV Receives a grant from the James A. and Faith Knight Foundation
Presents for Pets!
Birthday Paw-ty Donations!
Local Businesses Helping HSHV This Holiday
Goon once was forest
The Best Dog Ever
Donations for HSHV Animals!
Dog Training Classes at HSHV are now scheduled for January 2013
Compassionate Christmas Gifts!
Treats and Toys for HSHV's Furry Friends!
Betty and her puppies make a full recovery
Love Always Wins
Top 10 reasons to give to HSHV this Holiday
The Tail of Two Brothers
At Long Last
Saving for HSHV Animals!
Sweet Pea!
The Humane Society of the Huron Valley Praises Lawmakers in Michigan
Humane Society of Huron Valley Partners with Pics Saving Pets
Community Members Come Together To Support Homeless Animals
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Cyber Monday can benefit homeless animals too
Link and Zelda
Violet (formerly Venus)
Help HSHV for the Holidays
JD, recovering well thanks to caring HSHV staff
Birthday Paw-ty Gifts for HSHV!
Condos for HSHV Cuddly Cats!
Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays
Steve the cat
Ready to Party?
Bottle Drive Donations!
Toys for HSHV Animals!
Mitty's Holiday Pic
Annie - beloved at home and at school
Brady (formerly Eddie)
A Four-Paw Salute
Generous Girl Scouts!
Birthday Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Compassionate Kids!
HSHV salutes veterans and their companion animals
Apricot's Furrever Home
Loving Lemonade Stand for HSHV Animals!
Bossie (Formerly Q)
Teens Complete Service Projects to Benefit HSHV
Birthday Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Doggone Great Donations!
Delightful Donations!
Popcorn for Pets!
Our dog, Jewel
Sally and Cole, puuurfect together
Dicken Elementary Raises $1,500 for HSHV's Homeless Pets
Watson (formerly Peyton)
The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra and HSHV team up for "Carnival of the Animals"
Compassionate Collections for HSHV Animals
Presents for Paws!
Jogi and Shoelace (Formerly Nelson and Joanie)
Unusual dilute tortie friends
HSHV Humane Education Program Reaches Out to At-risk Teens
Neighborhood Support for HSHV!
Rising from the Dead!
No Tricks, Just Treats When You Adopt at HSHV
Sadie the Bulldog
HSHV's Community Cat Program Expands to University of Michigan Campus
Bruce (formerly Little)
Vegan Potluck at HSHV on Friday, Nov. 9th
Doggone Great Donations for HSHV Animals!
Princess (now Grace)
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Compassionate Collections!
Birthday Donations for HSHV Animals!
HSHV celebrates 3,000th adoption
Farm Animal Aid Fund Matching Challenge Update
A Compassionate Feast Update
Butters the Cat with Pierre the Poodle
Pumpkin carving at HSHV
Fiddlehead's new family
Offerings for HSHV Animals!
Purrfect Party For HSHV Pets!
Hank makes for a Happy Home!
Remi (was Lanette)
Horse Cruelty Update
Compassionate Feast - Tues., Oct. 16th
New Kitten
Looking forward to many more years with Dami
HSHV Fall Adopt-a-thon Update!
Sweet Success for HSHV Animals!
Delightful Donations for HSHV!
Purrfect Presents for HSHV Animals!
Pennies for Pets!
Starving Horses Need Your Help
Luke The Lion
Muttster Mash Bash For Kids - Halloween Party, Sun. Oct. 21st!
Verna and Lil (aka Lil' Bit)
Rosa the lopsided Lop
The Move To Massachusetts
Animal Lover's Birthday Party a Huge Success
Purrfect Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Chores for Charity!
Paw-ty Animal Donations!
Chloe the Compassionate holds a Different Type of Party
Lilly (formerly Winifred) is adapting to her new home
Coda & Freya: Two Torties
Roo (aka Ruby) is a doll!
4th Annual Golf Scramble a Big Success
Join HSHV for a FREE Estate Planning Seminar on September 18th
Benji - A Special Little Dog
Annie and JP come home!
HSHV Fall Adopt-a-thon Scheduled
A new home for Flag (girl name pending)
Old Gal finds new Digs.
Working for Animals!
Bottle Drive for HSHV!
Presents for Paws!
Compassionate Kids!
Xena the loving pit
Mazie's move to California
Wally the Beagle/Mix
Welcome Home
Batmitzvah Donations!
Doggone Great Donations!
Sharing with HSHV Animals!
Pets R cool 4 back to school!
Ziggy (now Mason)
Cosmo, formally Floyd
Presents for Paws!
Purrfect Donations!
Maizee & Maynard
Generous Generations!
Primrose (formally Babette)
Leading the Way for Animals!
Ceaser's (now Bowzer) New Home
Art for Animals!
You can help future generations of animals
Winston & Company
Baby (formerly Callie)
Lola's New Home
Doggone Great Donations!
Dog Park Etiquette Class
Compassionate Sales!
Baking for HSHV Animals!
House's (Torres) Residency
Sweet Success!
Lovely Ursula (update)
Squirrel and Mouse (Formerly Odessa and Maya)
Gonzaga Takes Over
Loving Lemonade!
Shadow's first few months
Come Join Us for the Summer of Feline Love
The "Summer of Feline Love" gets underway at the Humane Society of Huron Valley
"Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are"
Our 2000th Adoption of 2012!
HSHV celebrates 2,000th adoption of 2012
Betty (aka Bambi)
Tinkerbell formerly Scamp
Annie's First Week!
Gus, formerly Burton
HSHV Investigators Rescue Three Sheep
Billy (formerly known as Mahoney)
Sweet Donations!
Harrison, our wonderful puggle
Cuddly Blankets for HSHV Animals!
Pearl is Perfect!
Love my Husky
Pet Sheltering Program Provides "Safe Harbor" for Families in Crisis
Presents for Pets!
The best choice I have ever made!
Never judge a book by its cover
See a Day in the Life of Our Animal Cruelty Investigators
Lucy and Zappa
Aboo's Livin' the Simple (but grand) Life
Sally (formerly Sully) is a TREASURE!
Doggie Paradise
Emmy, formerly Fufu
Compassionate Children!
Birthday Party for Pets!
Sammy's got a new family!
Penelope (formerly Beeper)
My Mochii Bear
HSHV PAW-ty Animal!
Party Presents!
Half-Birthday Gifts!
Maggie & Ralph the Wonderful Mystery Mixes
There's no place like home!
Pick Your Cat - Pick Your Price!
Older is Better
Generous Gifts!
Canine Inspiration!
Walter (aka Hagrid) update since Jan adoption
Mally (formerly Bailey) settles in
My little shadow
Cruelty Case Update
A Project for Pets!
Feline Independence Days
Kittypalooza Sundays
Stray finds perfect fit
Tic Tac
Humane Society of Huron Valley Celebrates the 1,500th Adoption of 2012
Presents for Paws!
Meet Alexandra, our 1,500th Adoption of 2012
Purrfect Presents for HSHV!
Sully's first day at our home
Art for Animals!
Humane Society of Huron Valley Reminds People that Car Rides Can Turn Deadly in the Summer Months
Paws-itive Presents!
Love for Animals!
Foster Homes Needed!
Showing Kindness to Animals!
A Day in the Life of Cortney
Happy beagle :)
Generous Gifts!
A Very Compassionate Kid!
Compassionate Contest!
Blankets from Brownies!
Purrfect Presents for HSHV Pets!
Pawsitively Great Girl Scouts!
Delightful Donations!
Standing Up for Animals!
Amanda (now Annabelle)
Two happy HSHV alumni!
Bainbridge's New Life!
New Adoption Hours Start June 11th
Doggone Great Donations!
A Great Meal for a Great Cause
Gifts for Our Furry Friends!
Animal Rescue Holds Tiny Surprises
Compassionate Collections!
Paw-ty Animals!
Paws-itively Great Donations!
Booker formerly Simon
Come Celebrate Cruelty Investigators on Their 50th Prosecution
Ryder gets a new home!
Purrfect Presents for HSHV!
Humane Society of Huron Valley Adopts the Shelter's First "Pets for Patriots" Homeless Dog
Humane Society of Huron Valley Adopts the Shelters First "Pets for Patriots" Homeless Dog
Terrific Troop!
Spirit: Touched by a Pup
It was meant to be-our Cricket
Humane Society of Huron Valley Cruelty Investigators mark a milestone
New Kids Program!
Doggone Great Donations!
33rd Annual Walk & Wag an Amazing Success!
Cookies for Critters!
Compassionate Children!
Purrfect Donations!
Delightful Donations!
Paws-itively Great Presents!
A Long Way from Arkansas to Home
Geno Comes Home
Shelter Opens at 2pm on Saturday, May 19th
A Creative Kid!
Sweet Success!
Generous Gifts!
Presents for HSHV!
HSHV Welcomes Humane Society International Interns
Generous Gifts!
Mabel (a.k.a. Dolly Parton)
Important Information from the Camp PAWS Kids!
IMPORTANT: Pet Food Recall
Achieving For Animals!
Gifts from Girl Scouts!
Bedtime Story
Hello from Nana!
Staff Picks: Buckley, Brewster, and Scooter
Delightful Daisies!
Presents for Purrfect Pets!
Art for Animals!
This Week Only: Walk & Wag Match Challenge!
First Ever Adopt-a-thon a Huge Success
Great Girl Scouts!
Important Information About the Adopt-a-Thon
Spring Adopt-a-thon - TOMORROW!
Help for the Homeless!
Nigel (aka Prince) and Lester
Generous Grant for Animals!
Paw-ty Animals!
Doggone Great Donation!
Terrific Troop!
Pawsitively Great Presents!
Charlie found a home
Colt (formerly known as Joust)
Purrfect Gifts!
Girl Scouts Show Great Generosity!
Project for Pets!
Sweet Success for Animals!
Perfect Presents for Paws!
George & Gracie
Bella & Hugo - BFFs
Toys for Paws!
Making a Difference!
Compassionate Collections!
Great Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Delightful Donations!
Our rats
Peanuts, Popcorn, and Pets! Our Bench Warmers are Baseball Fans Too!
Our First Year with Snoopy!
ZuZu and Joy
sandra back again
Cricket (Vipor)
Presents for Pets!
Purrfect Party!
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Milo & Atticus
Huron's Happy Ending
Tigger's Heaven on Earth
Delighful Daisy Troop!
Presents for Pets!
Our Freddy
Contact Your State Representative
Sir Arthur Duke of HSHV
Gifts for HSHV!
Compassionate Collections!
Presents for Paws!
Walking for Animals!
A Party for Pets!
Generous Girl Scouts!
Purrfect Party!
Breanna Lynn
One of the Nicest Compliments We've Ever Received Came From a Dog Fighter
A Generous Gift for Animals!
Purrfect Presents!
Gracie or Sunflower
Our Little Peanut!
Do You and Your Dog Need a Little Help?
Celebrate St. Pitty's Day with HSHV
MiPaws Dogs Return from Graduation with Honors
Bella is our 500th Adoption in 2012!
Ahhh, a warm floor
Do You Need a Winter Warmer?
Pawsitively Great Presents!
Great Gifts!
Sweet Success!
Doggone Great Donations!
Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Collecting for Cats!
Presents for Paws!
Relief Veterinarian
HSHV Announces 2012 Celebrity Spokesdog Winner
Birthday Donations!
PuddleDuck and Rosie
Presents for Paws!
Purrfect Gifts!
Generous Girl Scouts!
HSHV Earns a 4-star Charity Navigator Rating
HSHV, County Reach Agreement on 2012 Services
Hagrid (now known as Walter)
Pawsitively Great Donations!
Jazmine Aurora aka Ouja
Eleanor, Our Floor Lobster
baby blue our new pitbull puppy
Boris a.k.a. 'Bo'
Can You Give an Adult Cat a Caring Home?
Generous Gifts!
Purrfect Presents!
Finnegan (Formerly Sylvester)
Purrfect Donations!
Paw-ty Animal
Allowance for Animals!
Ernest and George
Hello from Thunder aka rover
Bruce & Arya Find a Home (formerly Zorro & Shelly)
Hello from Monty
A Very Compassionate Kid!
A Generous Birthday Paw-ty!
Protect your pets during the winter months
Pawsitively Great Donations!
Birthday Paw-ty!
Four Years of Joy
Allowance Pays Off!
Eevee (formerly Bella)
Birthday Party for Paws!
Tasha the dog
Purrfect Presents!
Doggone Great Donations!
Paws-itive Donations!
Addision (Addie, aka Maddie, aka Baddie, aka Saddie)
Compassionate Community Service!
Sullivan (formerly Max)
Maizie and Hobo
Compassionate Classrooms!
Sharing the Love!
Pawsitively Great Presents!
Generous Giving!
Jackson (formerly known as Otis)
Leading the Way!
Black and Tan
HSHV Offers "Beat the Heat" Cat Spay Promotion
Lola (Allie when we adopted her)
Meowy Christmas!
Presents for Paws!
Delilah (previously 'Lola')
Norman (formerly Smokey)
Mami & Papi (formerly Prince Harry & Princess Diana)
Miley (previously Tasha)
Hard Work for HSHV Animals
Sweet Success!
Corky (formerly Cocoa)
Doggone Great Donations!
Delicious Doggy Treats!
Kitty Love!
Frankie (formerly Bryan)
Pawsitively Great Donations!
Purrfect Presents!
Mickey (formerly Dooley)
Twinkie the Cat (formerly Rusty)
Baking for Animals!
Children and Youth Ministries Lend a Paw!
Generous Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Horse Cruelty Under Investigation by Humane Society of Huron Valley
Lentil's Story
Pippin (formerly Queen Sugar Pants)
Eddy (formerly Sacajawea)
HSHV in the Media
Presents for Paws!
HSHV Named Outstanding Shelter for 2nd Year Straight
Charlie (formerly Charles) and Sophie (formerly Rosalyn)
Leonardo Longinus Harvey
Gifts for HSHV Animals!
Louise (formerly Blossom)
Buddyboy (formerly Seymore)
Arya and Diablo (formerly Atara and Rick)
Girl Scouts Make a Difference!
Presents for Paws!
Birthday Donations for HSHV's Animals!
Dog Adoption Special in Honor of Ace
Generous Girl Scouts
Lending a Paw to Help HSHV!
Raven (formerly Lincoln)
HSHV Honors Veterans with "Paws for Patriots" Adoption Special
HSHV to Get Keys to a New Toyota Sienna Van on Nov. 14th
Remy (formerly Conner)
Kind Kids
Link (formerly Nate formerly Blarney)
Giving Back to Animals
Celebrating National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week
Thank you to the Ypsilanti Township Board of Trustees
Birthday Gifts for HSHV Animals!
The New HSHV.org
Abby (formerly Bear)
Raider (formerly Zander)
Frankie (formerly Jan of the Brady Bunch Babies)
Hunny Bunny
Gifts for HSHV's Furry Friends
Sallie Sue
Compassionate Collections!
Butterscotch (formerly Leela)
Girl Scout Generosity
Cages are Full at the Humane Society of Huron Valley
Baileys (formerly known as Cadbury)
Party Animals!
Malaya (formerly Blythe), Tonic & Rocky (formerly Gary & Harry)
A Great Birthday Paw-ty!
Dogula vs. Catzilla
October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
Austin & Diego (formerly Kendell and Logan)
Caring Cadette Troup
Moni and Canelazo (formerly Yosemite)
A Special Gift
Lady and Buddy
Teachers Duct Taped!
Tucker (formerly Morrison)
Carly (formerly Honey)
Sunny & Nala (formerly Goldie)
A Pawsitive Example
Pool Fun for Pups!!
Bautista and Spicolli
Lending a Hand!
Presents for Animals!
Buddy and Roger
Rosie (formerly Rosita Chiquita)
Major (formerly Almond Joy)
Ralph (Formerly Thurston)
Dexter and Kasey (formerly Bosley and Desiree')
Chloe Marie (formerly Nikki)
Bud (formerly Edwardo)
Doggone Great Donations!
Generations Doing Good!
Fashion For Our Four Legged Friends!
Purrrfect Lemonade Sale!
Creative Campers!
Happy Birthday!
Sweet Success!
Allowance Pays Off!
Collections Keep Our Animals Cozy!
Saving Helps Save Animals!
"Paws"itively Great Donation!
Molly (now Lenore) and Lily (now Miyuki)
Michigan (formerly Irene)
Martin and Danny
Pierre and Cousteau
Zoe & Cody
Godric (formerly Kiddo)
Selina (formerly Mary Lou)
I.V. formerly Abby
Gracie (formerly Grace Kelly)
The Humane Society of Huron Valley named finalist in Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program
Bocephus (formerly Kaline)
Isabel (aka Izzy)
Zoe (formerly Dina) and Shadow (formerly Wednesday)
Copper (Formerly Mai-Tai)
Ingrid (formerly Delilah)
Mimi & Kitty (previously Pickle)
Gracie (formerly Lily)
Humane Education program brings new dimension to HSHV
Munster and Jethro (formerly Rowdy and Harley)
Humane Society of Huron Valley Shelter Cats Have Turned Into Tigers!
Lucy (formerly Rose)
Rosebud (formerly Luna)
Bandit and Bailey (formerly Luke and Leia)
Daisy (formerly Firefli)
Chester (formerly Sage)
Elijah Craig and Henry (formerly Eddie)
Don't Be a Kidnapper!
Mr. Higgens
LeeRoy Jenkins (formerly Gomer)
Juno (formerly Godiva)
Kevin (formerly Kirk)
Snoopy (originally Petey)
Cinnibon (formerly Gwenyth)
Mose (formerly Xemnas)
Eliot (formerly Mars)
JR (formerly Smith)
Watson (formerly Hubba Hubba)
Shadow aka Hershey
Lady Denali (formerly Lady)
HSHV Investigates Breeder Dogs Dumped in Salem Township
Ramona (formerly Sugs)
Mocha and Latte (formerly Rocko and Dorrie)
Bonnie and Carlos
HSHV Wins Award for Saving the Most Lives
Liza (formerly Willow) and Toby (formerly Derby)
Uffda (formerly Puma)
Benny (formerly Kenny)
Spring and Summer (formerly Orchid and Catherine Zeta Jones)
Curly (formerly Zaphoid)
Lulu (formerly Lainey)
Announcing our Celebrity Spokesdog
Captain Ebey (formerly Lord Meow Mix) and Samosa
Bailey Wants You to Protect Your Pets!
Kane (formerly Bennington)
Grace (formerly Pippi)
Ranger (formerly Derby)
Amy (formerly Aimee)
Bazzoon (formerly Onion Ring)
Odie (formerly Cola)
Healing and Hope for Dogs and Their Trainers
Minnie and Daphne (formerly Faye and Bethel)
Ali and Cali (formerly Peyton and Veronique)
Jackson and Jillian
Murray (formerly Pilot)
Malmo (formerly Jessie)
Burdock and Thistle
Shelby (formerly Piper)
Lainey (formerly Roxy)
Luma (formerly Penny)
Charlie (formerly Pelswick)
Roxy (formerly Lyric)
Aza (formerly Daisy)
Leroy and Gizmo
Stella (formerly Calypso)
Roderigo (formerly Washburne)
Hermes and Loki (formerly JJ)
Starbuck (formerly Rena)
A New Beginning
Help Us End Pit Bull Overpopulation
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