Humane Society of Huron Valley: Lola (Allie when we adopted her)

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Lola (Allie when we adopted her)

Lola (Allie when we adopted her)
Lola (Allie when we adopted her)

Adopted in May 2009.

We adopted Lola about three years ago. She was the best dog we've ever had! She was so silly! And she had the best personality. We loved her very much and took such good care of her. About a year after we had her she got very sick. After a trip to the Animal Hospital and Vet's office we found out she had Addison's Disease. Got her on the right daily dosage of medicine. And she seemed to be doing good! Energetic and just as silly as usual! Sadly she passed away in August of 2011. :( We miss her so much. The few years we had with her were the best. HSHV found her as a stray - Knowing that we gave her a good home and loved her so much the last few years of her life means so much to us. We're so glad she had the love she deserved.


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