Link (formerly Nate formerly Blarney)

Link (formerly Nate formerly Blarney)
Link (formerly Nate formerly Blarney)

Adopted in June 2011

Link was found by a police officer tied to a park bench. The poor dog was in the shelter so long that they changed his name twice.

I had been watching the humane society website for months, and the more times I saw him on the site, the more I wanted to take him home. Having grown up with pit mixes I already knew the typical needs and temperament of the breed, and it only took me a month to convince my husband that it wasn't a good idea to get a husky just because they're fluffy. Sure enough, we set up a meeting with Link and his foster, and my husband was sold!

Link has come a long way since we got him at the shelter; he has seen his former foster since we adopted him, and she thinks that he has a much calmer demeanor and shinier coat than when we got him. He had some jumping and mouthing behavior. He tends to remember halfway through that he's not supposed to jump when he is excited. He also knows sit, lie down, shake, upstairs, downstairs, in the house, in your crate, dinner!, breakfast!, and wait (though he is much more obedient with incentives than without). He will also do stair sprints for treats, and the current trick is roll over.

At first our cats were really not happy with the idea of sharing with a dog, but as you can see from the picture they are learning to get along with each other. Our larger cat went through a phase where he jumped at the dog and clawed the carpet just in front of his feet, but they even seem to be past that.

All in all, he's a great dog and a great example of the real behavior of a pit mix - affectionate, ready to please, fairly intelligent, and tolerant of just about anything you throw at him, including ninja cats!


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