Hagrid (now known as Walter)


Walter (St. Bernard, adopted in February 2012) walked into our home, with his new sister on his first day with us, and it seems he has been with us forever. It is as if they have been together forever. Thank you for caring for him until we could.

Walter was shy with Heidi at their introduction, however, since coming into our home, he follows her everywhere and in everything. He is 157 lbx of pure love and joy. He has helped her begin to heal from her loss of her previous St. Bernard brother, bringing a calm to the house and a sense of belonging she was obviously missing. I have no "negative" interactions or behaviors to report on Walter: he is housetrained, knows all basic commands, respects any boundaries established (human or dog established- LOL) and only asks for love in return. Having rescued (and fostered) multiple large and giant breed dogs over the years- never have we experienced such a gentle/calm/smooth new beginning. Thank you for the love you all gave him while in the shelter, and thank you for allowing him to come and join our family. If Heidi (his new sister) could type, OHHHH to have thumbs, she would send a big THANK YOU to all of you as well. Sorry no pictures, but I had to let everyone know how great this is. (Could you add his shelter picture to this?)


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