Ahhh, a warm floor

Ahhh, a warm floor
Ahhh, a warm floor

Eleven year old Jenny and ten year old Willow enjoy the radiant heat of the bathroom floor.

In 2011, I saw Willow (FKA Myrtle,) a shy, grumpy-faced orange cat with some missing fur on her back. The rest of her fur was extrememly soft, though, so I brought her home. Turns out despite her grumpy visage she's a purrer who loves sitting on my lap when I'm working on my laptop.
Then in 2012, I kept my eye on a black and white cat in Meow Meadows. Jenny (FKA Sapphire) was a bit aloof but didn't mind a pat or two. After watching her for a month, I decided she needed to come home with me.

Willow and Jenny are friends, although not best buddies. Willow will allow Jenny to groom her face briefly. Both of them stay well away from my son's cat Roxie (FKA Pretty Girl Frieda,) a young whippersnapper merely 2 years old.

Every night they share my bed, one or the other lying on me, making it impossible to roll over without disturbing her. I'm so glad I adopted these two senior cats. They are wonderful additions to our family.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.