Cat breaks out of prison

Razor wire no obstacle for a cat wanting a home

Razor wire at prisonFree to come and go as he pleased, the young male cat was no ordinary resident at the women's correctional facility. A group of incarcerated women had been giving him what they could -- food, pets when they would see each other. But then the fuzzy guy got caught in the razor wire of the perimeter fence.

Scared and bleeding profusely, the orange tom cat yowled for help. Prison personnel called HSHV. When HSHV investigator and rescuer Aaron arrived, he immediately bent back the fencing wire, quickly and gently removed the frightened feline and placed him in a carrier, then drove back to HSHV for emergency care.

Noting the excessive blood in his carrier and potential for further self-injury, Dr. Julie compassionately sedated the cat, expertly using a hole in the carrier. She examined him to discover a tricky injury; the joint of his little back leg was torn and would require surgery. What kind of a life would he live afterward? Could he still survive outside? Would he want to?

Following surgery, and knowing we were doing everything we could to care for him, the little cat started trusting us. Now named "The Shrimp," at only eight pounds he was small in stature -- but, we soon discovered, HUGE in personality. Volunteers called him a "sweet angel," saying he'd do anything for a cheek, face or ear scratch. Although he'd lived outside, The Shrimp clearly loved being around people. He wanted a forever home.

About a month later, The Shrimp got his wish; he was adopted into a loving home.

The Shrimp


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.