We fell so in love we got 2!

Wally and Danica - now Jax and Ella

We are so impressed with your facility and the care you take with these amazing pets! We took on Jax, a.k.a., "Wally," knowing we were up for a challenge with his history of abandonment and energy levels but we couldn't pass up on that connection we all had! We have never looked back! A "furever" home should be forever especially with these dogs who have lived and survived scary experiences.

We thought we were rescuing a dog, but he truly rescued us. His ability to love so unconditionally, his happy energy, and his crazy ability to learn so quickly amazed us and everyone who meets him. He is so attractive and such a good dog we cannot go anywhere without a compliment. Even at the vets' office where they cannot believe how well he was taken care of as a shelter dog.

In fact, we were so happy and in love, we just had to return and get him a companion a month later. We felt crazy for the idea, but now we are just crazy in love with two amazing dogs :) You allowed us the oppurtunity at a truly fulfilling life full of activity, amazing belly rubs, doggy smiles, and playful energy. Both of our pups are constantly receiving compliments and learning so fast!

What your facility does is something we brag about to everyone about, and we recommend the drive to anyone and everyone! Thank you so much for the opportunity to love and nurture these two amazingly smart and happy pups. Jax and Ella (a.k.a., "Danica") are very, very spoiled, and I am sure they thank you, too :) Keep fighting the good fight and finding these pets a new life and hope!


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.