Update on Funny Otis

Update on Funny Otis
Update on Funny Otis

Otis was 13 in January and has had quite a year since I last introduced him.

In June 2015, Otis became unable to walk. There was something wrong in his spinal column and he could only get around by pulling himself along. I thought I might have to say goodbye to him, but I wasn't ready, and he still was enjoying life--eating well and loving sitting out on the lawn. I tried a wheelchair, but his front legs were also weak and he could not use it.

I learned of a vet who had helped another dog to walk again and so we met Dr. Wellman. He gave Otis 4 or 5 cold laser treatments. In September, we visited friends at the dog park, and they were all glad to see him. In October, he started walking around the house a little and kept improving. Now, he is almost back to normal. He is a little wobbly and not as fast as he was (neither am I) but likes to visit friends at the dog park.

Otis is an emotional support animal and took his first plane ride last month to Nashville. He is a very good traveler. We are thinking about getting a cat for company.


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