Hoarder rescue

Hoarder rescue
Hoarder rescue

Snow white a Hoarder Rescue adapts well

Our family came in to visit dogs and fell in love with Snow White, a white beagle mix that was taken from a hoarder. We were told many times that she would be difficult to train especially potty train due to her past environment. Due to this, my son wanted to skip on this dog and keep looking. I however said, "Let's take her for a walk and see how she is with our other dog (Ava)."  

We scheduled an appointment to bring in Ava from home, a large Shepard/lab mix that was only 9.5 months old but a whopping 85 lbs. Unknown to us, the visit was scheduled on a free clinic day... so it was very busy and hectic. Needless to say, the first visit went horrible and we were told she was not a good fit for us. I requested a second visit for the next day when they were not so busy. I was told we could do that.

The second visit went much better; however, it was not ideal because Snow White wanted nothing to do Ava. We were told it would probably not be a good fit, but they left it up to me to decide. I said, "Lets do it!" We brought Snow White home that day!! It has been about 2.5 months, and Snow White, now called Curie, has been the most awesome dog! She is learning well and was potty trained in less than a month!! Ava and Curie are best friends, running all around the house and backyard playing with each other. As you can see by the photo, they even take naps together. Thank you so much for giving us a chance with Curie. She is a very happy girl now!!


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