Dixon may be blind

Dixon the dog
Dixon the dog

But he sees love everywhere

I'd lost my dog Abby 4 months before, and I saw Dixon on the HSHV website. He was with his foster parent Sharon at the time. I said to myself, "Bless your heart, you don't have eyes."

I went to HSHV, and they contacted his foster mom who was just up the street from me. We then had an interaction with my roommate's Basset Hound, Andy, and everything went okay.

Dixon bonded very fast to me and my roommate. Technically, we're his eyes, I guess, and we make sure he stays out of trouble. But he does fine on his own! He jumps up on the couch, he goes up stairs-- basically the only thing we don't let him do is go down the stairs, as that's a little too scary.

He's an awesome dog and is very intelligent. Of course, he has his saucy side, too, and as the vets there know, he doesn't like his nails cut!


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