Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine
Princess Jasmine

Formerly Topette the kitten

I adopted a tiny kitten called Topette from HSHV in February 2013. She has just been born at the end of December and was truly a late Christmas present to myself. She was a tiny little thing, with a teeny tiny tail that zipped back and forth as soon as I entered the kitten room. Her tiny meow reached my ears before I even saw her. Once I saw her, of course, it was all over!

Given her young age, I chose to rename her, so Jasmine she became. Now, she is living the life of content royalty with me and her kitty sister Shalimar, who is only four months older. The two of them enjoy chasing and grooming each other and Jasmine loves to lay by the heat vents and under the Christmas tree.
I will be forever grateful to HSHV for bringing us together and allowing me to give Jasmine the late Christmas present of a forever home!


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