(Formerly Selena, and Sadie before that)

Maisie the cat doing a science experiment

I was adopted from HSHV one year ago, on Dec. 29, 2015. When my future mom and dad saw me at the shelter, I was frightened -- curled up tightly and barely interacting. But soon after I got to my new home, my true personality began to emerge – curious, rambunctious, and filled with innocent joy.

Initially I was underweight, but I quickly gained about a pound and a half and am now at ideal weight. Or at least, that’s what my mom and dad claim. In my opinion, I still need to gain at least five more pounds! So I spend much of my time in a quest for food. Sadly, my mom and dad have become incredibly careful not to leave any of their food sitting out even briefly. But every once in a while, they slip up and I manage to sneak something. Some of my favorite illicit treats have been apricot rugelach and mashed potatoes. I keep hearing people say that these items are not part of the feline diet. Who decided that?!? I have also been told that I am behaving more like a dog than like a cat. Apparently, other cats need to expand their dietary horizons! 

All these calories go to fuel my passions: playing with wand toys, racing through the house, and above all, pursuing my scientific research. Water running from the kitchen faucet is possibly the most fascinating thing on earth (other than food, of course). Any time anyone turns on the tap, I jump up to have a close look. I have no interest in drinking the water; I just want to figure out where it goes when it disappears down the drain. I also enjoy flicking my paws through the stream and splattering innocent bystanders with water. All of these activities have earned me the nickname “Little Einstein.” My mom and dad were disappointed when the Nobel Prizes were announced this fall and I didn’t win, but I am undeterred and will continue to work away in my laboratory, for the benefit of all catkind.

Thank you to everyone at HSHV for taking me in, caring for me, and making my new life possible.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.