Archduke Franz Purrdinand

Archduke Franz Purrdinand
Archduke Franz Purrdinand

Kaiser of his domain!

I knew I couldn't say no to the adorable face and squawky sass of 16 pound Franz. He's a great buddy and acts much younger than almost-7! We've been together almost 2 months now.
Franz loves head scratches, watching the birds on the birdfeeder outside, and sleeping on the couch. He's taken to his cardboard scratcher incredibly well after initially having no idea what to do with it. He also LOVES the laser pointer and will go tearing around the house after it until he flops over panting.
For his size, Franz is a surprisingly gentle boy. He has never mistaken my hand for a toy and doesn't love-nip. He's very good about having his claws trimmed and sleeps on a blanket near my feet every night. He just wants his cheeks and head scratched 24/7!


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