5 days without food

9 birds and 70 fish waited, but their owner wasn't coming. So HSHV did.

Fish and bird rescue August 2017"He's in jail and won't be home for at least 30 days. But his animals..."

Fortunately for the innocent creatures, a correctional facility's social worker called HSHV for help. HSHV Cruelty Investigators applied for a legal search warrant immediately. When we received it and entered the property, the animals had been without food for five days.

"All of the birds were loose except two," says Aaron Soyring, HSHV Cruelty Investigator. "And we couldn't tell how many fish were in the 65 gallon tank. The water was so green, you couldn't see through it-- you couldn't tell there was a fish in there until it was right up against the glass."

As it turned out, there were a total of 70 fish. Though three poor sickly fish died within hours, 67 beautiful fish, three canaries, four finches, and two parakeets were rescued and brought back to HSHV for care.

We're happy to say; they're doing well.

Special thanks go to Fish Doctors for providing expertise and assistance in cleaning fish tanks, not to mention generously donating the necessary specially treated water to nurse the fish back to health and keep them happy! Thank you, Fish Doctors!

And thank you, our supporters, for making rescues like this possible! We're grateful that we can respond to cases like this immediately, helping abandoned animals when they need it the most.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.