Two pups, three days, no food

HSHV and you to the rescue -- It's a (wagging) "tail" of two puppies!

Shepherds, cruelty, rescue, cr, mareth, garetTheir owner had left the state. And he’d left them behind.

Mareth and Garet didn’t know what to think. They were only 10 months old, after all, and didn’t yet know what to expect out of life. Was it normal to be chained to a fence outside? Left alone for days without care? And what happened to the food?

Maybe their dish was full once, but now, their dirty food bowl was empty. And chewed up.

Hungry and cold, the young Shepherds were left with nothing but a yard full of debris and a concrete slab to stand on. No bed. No shelter from the wind. Not even any water. They tried to play with the trash around them. But it was getting cold. And it's no fun playing when it's below freezing.

The two pups shivered, eager for their person to return. Or for someone to care. At least three days passed.

Fortunately, someone did care—and called HSHV rescue. When our cruelty investigators arrived, Mareth and Garet greeted them with super waggy tails.

“People are good! People are good!” they seemed to be saying, despite having just experienced the opposite.

Because, somehow, with every wagging tail comes a forgiving heart. Somehow, these puppies knew that despite being abandoned by a person, there are also people like you. People who care.

Shepherds, cruelty, rescue, cr, mareth, garetThanks to your support, these friendly guys were brought back to HSHV where they received food and lots and lots and lots of love. And thanks to you, their tails continue to wag; they're now looking for an adopter together-- someone who'll continue to stick with them, and continue to give them food... and lots and lots of love.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.