Kitten and puppy save each other

Orphaned and clinging to life, these two met and became inseparable

Jan with Clarence and SammieOn September 8, Jan heard a knock on her door. Three 2-day old puppies were barely moving. Their mom had died, and they had gone without food for a day—maybe two. And they were all freezing cold. Jan and her friends knew chances of survival were slim, but they were going to try. They gave them everything they had. Heating pads, warm milk, and round-the-clock care. In the end, we know they all felt the love, but only one was strong enough to live. Sammie.

The little black fluffy puppy ate and ate and ate. And gobbled up all the snuggles Jan and her friends could give.

A few days later, another knock. This time, a neighbor with the tiniest kitten. The 2-week old kitty, he said, was brought to him by his dog. And neither seemed to know what to do. But Jan did.

Clarence the kitten and Sammie the pup started by curling up together and warming each other up. They drank from bottles together. They played together. And when Clarence was about to get in trouble by escaping the crate, Sammie gently grabbed him by the tail to pull him back down. They played. And played and played and played! They slept near one another. Clarence even taught Sammie to use the litterbox. They became the best of buddies.

And after several months of foster care, they were ready for a forever home.

Though it’s not easy to find great adopters—let alone great adopters who can adopt two animals at the same time—we believe inseparable animals are just that. So no matter how long it would take, they would stay together. And at the end of November, a wonderful family who wanted both a dog AND a cat, brought the dynamic duo home!

Clarence and Sammie


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.