It's all in the timing

It's all in His timing
It's all in His timing

Wasn't ready for another furry companion. Or so I thought. And then I came to Empty the Shelters.

A year ago today I adopted a 10 year old tortie named Arabella. Adopting a cat was not on my agenda that day. I scarcely knew if I even wanted another pet. It had been a year since I had to send my previous companion over the Rainbow Bridge. I had adopted Pepper, a long-haired, part Maine Coon kitty, at the tender age of 8 weeks, 2 months after the passing of my father. He was with me for 20 years. I was devastated at his passing.

The day I came to HSHV I was supposed to have a hair appointment, but my stylist called in sick. I had received your email regarding your "Empty the Shelters" event that morning and thought I'd check things out.

There weren't many animals left when I arrived that afternoon. When we were introduced, Arabella came and stood on my shoulder. I cried. I was chosen!

She's brought me so much happiness and joy. I hope we are together a long time. Thank you for all you do. I pray that one day all shelters are no kill and that every animal finds a loving, safe home.


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