Adopted in 2009

Hi Everybody!

I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten all of you! My first post was in January 2009, about 2 weeks after I was adopted. You can see in this picture that I have now learned to smile for the camera! My girl and I are quite a pair.

Let's see the last 2 years have been so wonderful! I don't need a crate at all anymore. I convinced my family that I could be a really good boy if they let me sleep on the leather couch, instead of being in my crate. So, that's a real load off - I really didn't like being in a crate. They didn't know it, but what I really was hoping to do was use the down pillows too. One is covered with velvet - that's for my head, and the other is covered with silk - that's for my belly. My Mom keeps saying "You're a long way from the Shelter, aren't you?" She seems happy when she says it, so I know it's OK that the couch and pillows are mine now!

It really took me awhile to settle in and trust my new family - about a year or so. They just kept telling me that I was OK, and kept trying to make me happy. Now, it's my turn. I've got a few things to straighten out - like being protective of my family when I see someone in a black coat and gloves. I can't really remember why that bugs me, but it does. My Mom is doing some really intensive training with me so I learn to "Park It!" instead of going after the black coated one. I'm starting to care more about the treats, which I think is the point of the training.

I still have tons of toys and love to play with my family. Oh! my favorite game is "Put the ball under the couch and declare an emergency until someone gets it out!" Yeah - that's a good one. My family seems to get tired of it though - can't imagine why!

Anyway, I'm doing great! Even though I was a runner in the past, now I step back from an open door - wouldn't want to accidentally fall out! Hope all you guys get a chance like I have!

Love, Bailey (Still goes by "Good Boy". Yep - love it!)


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