If you are considering adoption, please follow your heart. I will never regret that decision.

While visiting the Humane Society about a year ago, I stopped to read Mildred's biography: family could no longer care for their 12 year old cat and a 2nd cat, because their young children had developed allergies. This sweet cat and her cat companion Daisy had both been taken to the Humane Society. Daisy was adopted but Mildred was still waiting...and as it turned out, she was waiting for me. My heart went out to Mildred...what must she be thinking and feeling? Her cat friend and her family were both gone. I left that day and couldn't get her out of my mind, so I decided to return to adopt her. I went directly to her cage, but it was empty. I left feeling happy that someone had adopted her, but sad that I hadn't acted more quickly to be that person. When I got home, I thought it just wasn't meant to be, but a nagging feeling prompted me to call the Humane Society and just check on Mildred to confirm she had in deed been adopted. They said she was not adopted, she had become sick and was in quarintine until she was better and to call back in a week or two to check on her condition. When I called back, I was told Mildred was no longer at the Humane Society. I was disheartened because I thought that meant she didn't make it but then I was told she was in foster care, because she had become very depressed. I was able to adopt Mildred, and changed her name to Millie Schembechler MacKenzie. She still responds to Mildred, Millie or her nickname Moo Moo. The foster mother told me she absolutely hates car rides. Well, on the drive home, which is about 40 minutes, she meowed for maybe 5 minutes and the rest of the drive she was quiet and listened to me talking to her. She is the sweetest cat ever. She is a lap cat and I thank her often for joining our family and tell her often how much I love her. I hope the family who had to give her up could somehow know that she is loved very much. We found out in December that Millie has kidney disease. Although I don't know how much longer I will have her with me, I have been blessed to be able to give her a home for at least a little while. If you are considering adoption, please follow your heart. I will never regret that decision.


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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.