Humane Society of Huron Valley: Undiscovered Treasures

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HSHV’s Undiscovered Treasures

We give animals as long as they need and never impose time limits at our shelter. This can sometimes mean an animal stays with us for a longer period of time. While very few dogs stay more than a couple weeks and few cats stay more than a couple of months, there are those that need our care longer.

Cats that have been homeless at HSHV for over 60 days, and dogs that have been homeless over 30 days, we call our “Undiscovered Treasures”. Some of our Undiscovered Treasures are entering their senior years and are passed by because people want younger pets, others have minor treatable and manageable medical conditions, and some like our pit bulls, have to overcome the bad rap they have gotten by the media. There are often no reasons at all that we can point to for why an animal does not get adopted right away. Whatever the reasons, we value our Undiscovered Treasures and know that the right family will come along.

In the meantime, our staff and volunteers work diligently to provide whatever an animal may need. From foster homes, to enrichment programs, to behavioral help. We will not rest until every adoptable animal has what they need, and we make sure that they are well cared for until a family can provide a permanent home.The next time your family is ready to adopt please consider one of our Undiscovered Treasures – they are all special, loving pets that need you.

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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.