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Emergency Rescue

Notice to City of Ann Arbor Residents Only

HSHV cannot accept stray animals from the City of Ann Arbor directly from the public without formal approval from the City of Ann Arbor Police Department.

Per City of Ann Arbor Animal Control Ordinance, stray and abandoned animals must be brought in by an Animal Control Officer or Police Officer.

In addition, HSHV cannot provide Animal Control related field services to the City of Ann Arbor, including the free pick-up of sick or injured wildlife without formal approval from the City of Ann Arbor Police Department.

Due to possible contagious disease spread including rabies, please do NOT handle sick wildlife on your own or allow pets to come into contact with them.

If you have an Animal Control issue, please contact the Ann Arbor Police Department for assistance at
734-994-2911 (non-emergency number).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you do not get the help you need or are dissatisfied with this service in anyway, please send an email or call your Ann Arbor City Council Representatives at
734-794-6161. To send email to Ann Arbor City Council Members or the Mayor of Ann Arbor, go to

Our Emergency Rescue staff rescues sick or injured animals, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in Washtenaw County. Last year, we rescued over 1,000 animals that would have had no other options. Our Emergency Rescue Department is completely funded by the generosity of our donors.

Please call (734) 661-3512 to report a sick or injured animal.

We do not pick up healthy stray animals. Please contact your local animal control or police department to report a healthy stray animal.

Wildlife Rescue

Our partnership with wildlife rehabilitators has saved thousands of lives. If you have a general question or would like information on wildlife, please call the resources listed.

IMPORTANT: If you have a sick or injured wild animal call HSHV first at (734) 661-3512!

What to Do If You Find Sick, Injured, or Abandoned Wildlife

  • In most cases, leave the animal alone. Contact an appropriate agency (HSHV, Friends of Wildlife, Help 4 Wildlife, or Bird Center of Washtenaw County) for advice. HSHV is available 24 hours a day for advice and rescue involving wildlife.
  • Never offer cow's milk or any kind of food or liquids to the animal without first consulting an expert.
  • If the animal appears to be an abandoned baby in immediate danger, it is okay to place it in a dark, warm, quiet place while you wait for advice from Emergency Rescue staff or wildlife rehabilitator.
  • Remember, it is illegal to keep/rehabilitate wild animals unless you are a certified wildlife rehabilitator. While you may mean well, animals that are rehabilitated without the knowledge of a certified wildlife rehabilitator will not survive when released back into the wild.

Additional Resources on Wildlife

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