Volunteer Opportunities

The volunteer program at the Humane Society of Huron Valley is based on Paw Levels. Each Paw Level allows you to learn new skills and knowledge to gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of our shelter and the care we provide for our animals.

Adult Volunteers - Paw Levels

Paw I — All volunteers start here! The Paw I level gives volunteers time to become familiar with our shelter and staff. Volunteers will be at this level during their first 5 weeks and volunteer a minimum of 10 hours of service during this time. As a Paw I volunteer, you may help us clean the shelter, do laundry, staff community events, assist with our Bountiful Bowls Pet Food Program or support our clinic and administrative staff, and more!

Paw II — The Next Level! After completing your 5 weeks and minimum 10 hours of service, you can request to be trained in hands-on animal enrichment with cats or dogs. You can also choose to receive training in other volunteer service areas, such as Greeter, Humane Education and Veterinary clinic support. Paw II volunteers can still help with Paw I assignments, too!

Paw III & Paw IV — Moving up! Volunteers interested in expanding their horizon can request additional training to advance to the Paw III and Paw IV levels. Volunteers can become "experts" by expanding their knowledge in animal handling and/or adoption support areas by training to become Adoption Counselors, Customer Care Volunteers, Level II Dog Walkers or Trainers. Volunteers at these levels demonstrate a higher level of commitment in these vital roles. Of course, you can still help with Paw I or Paw II assignments, too! 

Volunteers are a valuable part of the lifesaving work being done every day at the Humane Society of Huron Valley! If you are interested in pursuing the commitment to be a volunteer, complete the online volunteer applicationAdvancement through the volunteer program is based on our needs, individual skills and additional training to ensure each volunteer is ready for greater responsibility in handling animals. 

Looking to volunteer at our Tiny Lions lounge and Adoption Center cat café? Complete the TLC application here.

Junior Volunteers (ages 12-17)

See more about our Junior Volunteers program here.

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All images and photographs are courtesy of HSHV staff and Jeffrey E. Roush of Two Cat Studios.