Charlie the Horse
Age: 21
Fixed (Spayed/Neutered)? Not known

City in which animal is located: Pawnee, Illinois – Transportation can be arranged for the right next home.
Rehoming fee? No
Please note: This is a courtesy listing on HSHV’s site. This animal is available through a private individual, NOT HSHV. For questions, please contact the individual below, not HSHV. Thank you!

Charlie is a retired hunter-jumper. He’s a Quarter Horse who looks more like a Thoroughbred. I’d like a home for him similar to what he has with my Mom. A home where he is loved on and where he has a stall with an in and out paddock. He needs ample paddock space during the day and to be locked in at night. He loves to be turned out in the pasture several times a week, so this should be available to him in his new home.
Charlie is healthy and sound but retired for a reason. He will stay sound with light riding with an experienced rider. He is a lot of horse when he wants to be, so no beginners. He was a well-known hunter-jumper on the California circuit in his hey day, but his showing days are over. In order to remain sound, he must not be ridden too hard or too often. As well, he can no longer be jumped.
He may only go to a person who is deeply committed to giving Charlie the life and and care that he requires. He needs regular healthcare, dental work, shoes/barefoot trimming, supplements, etc. The right next home is with an owner who has 1) experience, 2) appropriate housing for the horse, 3) plans to keep him long-term, and 4) appropriate plans for how he will be used relative to his age and health.
Finally, he is not a sanctuary horse. Charlie has never been turned out to pasture with other horses. He would make a great second horse or companion horse for another, so long as he has separate quarters, both indoor and out. He is easygoing, and would be excellent for helping to teach horsemanship (how to well care for and keep a horse). Riding should be minimal, with experienced riders only.

My friend Rose, lost her Mom suddenly right before Christmas. She has many pets to find new homes for, listing each on the private adoptions page. While they are not local, she is willing to figure out travel for the right home. I am posting on her behalf.

Please read the details from Rose below, contact information is at the bottom.

Details from Rose:

My Mom, Kathy Drake, passed away unexpectedly on December 22, 2023.
Our beloved Kathy was an animal lover through and through, and in the wake of her passing, she left many animals now in need of a new home. Every animal Kathy had was a rescue. She rehabilitated countless animals during her 78 years and dedicated her life to saving and giving animals the lives they deserve. She was the kindest, most caring woman, offering countless support to others along the way, often paying for veterinarian bills when owners couldn’t afford to do so and donating funds to animal rescues and legislative funds. She went above and beyond with every single opportunity that was presented.
Kathy leaves behind animals who are family. If we could keep each and every one of them we would, and our hearts break that we cannot. So, we’re looking for thoughtful, intentional and forever homes for:

9 rescued cats
1 domestic bunny
1 retired Quarter Horse

These animals have been deeply loved and meticulously cared for, and they have been a beautiful source of joy and comfort. Our goal is to ensure they find equally caring homes with new owners who understand the responsibility that comes with animal ownership. They are all unique and wonderful in their own ways, and they’re now looking for families who will provide them with the love and care they deserve.

Animals currently reside on Kathy’s farm in Pawnee, Illinois (90 minute drive from St. Louis, MO). Transportation can be arranged for the right next home.

Some facts that pertain to all the cats:
• None have FeLV or FIV (all tested)
• Most microchipped
• All have recent vaccinations and bloodwork
• Vet records will be shared
• All good with dogs (Is your dog good with cats?)
• None destructive on furniture if provided the right scratching posts/furniture

Cat guidelines:
• All cats have been and must always remain INDOORS ONLY as a condition to their adoption. This is to ensure their safety and well-being.
• Declawing is prohibited, as it is a painful and cruel procedure.

Contact: (917) 515-4373 and

This animal is listed as a courtesy on our site, but is available through this individual. For questions, please contact the individual listed, not HSHV. Thank you!