Francis the Rooster
Age: 5 months
Weight: 3 lbs
City in which animal is located: Dexter Township
Rehoming fee? No

Francis is a very small, proud, beautiful rooster with two devoted hens. He is very watchful of them and protects them well. Unfortunately, our neighbor does not enjoy his crowing, which can be throughout the day, depending on his activity level. He is a free-range chicken living in our yard in the country outside of Dexter/Chelsea. He loves to explore and can get over fences pretty easily. He has been known to roost on our roof! He is mostly quite friendly unless he feels threatened, but he is easily frightened away by something as simple as a piece of paper. In the evenings he will allow you to pick him up to put him in the coop. He is a wonderful little guy and we are so sad to have to re-home him.

If you are interested in adopting Francis, please contact Jennifer at 734-649-0779 or