Age: 1   Sex: Female  Breed: Pit Mix   Weight: 50 Pounds

Kimber is a shy dog who would benefit from a foster home. She came in as a stray at the beginning of November. Initially she was very fearful and shut down. She is still a very shy dog who would benefit from a foster home. She’s shown some overall reactivity to both dogs and people who pass her kennel and she tends to get a bit overstimulated when getting leashed up for walks. The behavior team has been working closely with her and she has shown a lot of improvements over the past few weeks. We believe that in  a foster home she would continue to come out of her shell and get the decompression time she needs to get back to her normal doggie self!


How to Foster Kimber:

New fosters can take the first step by learning about fostering and signing up for a New Foster Orientation. Veteran foster parents can email to schedule a pickup appointment.