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We love working with students — and greatly appreciate the positive exposure you give to HSHV animals and programs!


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Photos & Videos

  • Yes, you may borrow the photos on our website! Please do not alter them (except for cropping and minor color correction or effect), and please credit the “Humane Society of Huron Valley.”
  • Want to take your own photos or video? You can, during our normal business hours. Please do not film or photograph any people without their express, written permission. And while we’d love to help, our priority must remain on animals’ care and guest assistance, so, regretfully, we are unable to take animals out of their kennels or assist you in taking photos or video.

Interviews & other needs

  • While we are unable to schedule in-person or phone interviews with staff, we will sometimes have volunteers who may be able to talk with you, or we can answer up to 5 questions via email, which can be submitted using the form below.
  • Please plan accordingly. Due to the high volume of requests and limited resources, we are unable to fulfill last minute requests (i.e., requests in under 2 weeks). Thank you for your understanding!


We’d love to help you however we can! We can visit your classroom to present on your choice of a variety of topics (including demonstrations and stimulating educational information that meets many Common Core and State Standards). Or you can enrich your students’ learning by having them visit HSHV. We also have free goodies for you below. Contact us if you have other ideas!

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Ask Happy the Hound

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