Quincy the Guinea Pig
Age: 8 months
Fixed (Spayed/Neutered)? Yes
City in which animal is located: Adrian
Rehoming fee? Yes

Quincy is very good with other animals. In my home I have two cats, he does not hide from them- sometimes they cuddle. He currently resides in my bedroom in a cage without any other pets, the room is fairly quiet besides the hum of a fan I keep on to keep him cool in the summer. He’s really great with people; when you pick him up often times he just lays down. Quincy is used to being on the floor and roaming around on his own, he does like to hide when he is roaming- so I suggest that he’s in a room with a closed door just so that he does not get lost (because he’s pretty small still).

If you are interested in adopting Quincy, please contact Reese at 419-279-5771 or [email protected]