Nala the Dog
Age: 1yr 7mths
Fixed (Spayed/Neutered)? No
Weight: 42 lbs
Indoor? Yes
Microchipped? No
City in which animal is located: Albion
Rehoming fee? No
Please note: This is a courtesy listing on HSHV’s site. This animal is available through a private individual, NOT HSHV. For questions, please contact the individual below, not HSHV. Thank you!

Nala is the sister to our other dog Scar who we are also listing to be rehomed. If you have space for both that would be awesome as they have been together since birth. Our home is busy, noisy, and quiet just depends on the day, so they are accustomed to any and all sounds except being outside living. We obtained Nala from a friend whose dog had puppies on April 26, 2020.

Nala is fully potty trained, wakes up early mornings waits to be taken out but don’t make her wait too long. She goes to the bathroom after eating and playing, sleeps as needed during the day but mostly around bedtime. We would say she is very loving, friendly and enjoys walking, swimming, fetching, lounging around, watching video games being played and listening to music. She really enjoys rubber: toys, basketballs, footballs, and bike tires if you enjoy them to keep them away from Nala.

She’s very good with kids preferably boys. She stayed mostly in my boy’s room and followed directions from them mostly outside of myself. She would be the perfect pet for someone who has time to hang out with her or allow her to hangout with them kid’s and adults.

Eats… (Pedigree) is the only food she has eaten since birth. She grew from eating puppy Pedigree with soft mixtures to Adult Pedigree of all varieties no table food at all. Dog treats and bigger dog bones are enjoyable for her. She eats fresh food every day not really sure how much as our bowls accommodate her to eat as much as she would like through out the day but not enough to feed her the next day.

Drinks… she only drinks fresh water! So after she has drunk from the bowl two times she will not drink it again we change her water often. We have found that she is not to keen on bugs. If a bug has landed on her food or in her water she will not touch it. Only flies have been close to either dog as they are house dogs.

If you are interested in adopting Nala, please contact Jessica at 517-240-3566 or This animal is listed as a courtesy on our site, but is available through this individual. For questions, please contact the individual listed, not HSHV. Thank you!