Tiny Little Lion Lost His People
Will-o the Cat
Age: 3
Fixed (Spayed/Neutered)? Yes
Declawed? No
Weight: 5 lbs
Indoor? No
Microchipped? No
City in which animal is located: Brooklyn
Rehoming fee? No

Wamplers Lake Kitty For Adoption

Hi, We live on the lake, and this kitty has been visiting our patio asking for food and love for a few months now. We posted flyers, left notes in neighbors mailboxes and posted him on the web info over the past few months and no one claimed him.

During this time, we took him to the humane society to see if he had a chip and for a check up and vaccinations etc. He is a healthy 3 year old boy, no leukemia, neutered and up to date now on all his vaccinations.

We have always thought someone else is feeding him / taking care of him because when he visits his appetite was not always there. About a week ago, he started showing up every morning and evening asking for food and love.

We just found out that a elderly couple down the street had been caring for him. The wife passed away 3 weeks ago and the husband just passed last week.

This little guy lost his people and we are moving and our new location will not be a good outdoor fit for him 🙁

He is sweet and loving, not timid with humans! Humane Society said he is quite the casanova ;p he is also a great hunter/mouser, He will need someone who wants a indoor / outdoor cat! The couples nieces told us he prefers to be outside, but he did nap and sleep inside at night sometimes. He currenlty is about 85% outdoors and 15% indoors.

He is a “dog” cat…. does not use a litter box… will ring a bell to go outside ;p Been trying to introduce him to a litter box,,, but he is not interested :p

We are working with the Humane Society to re-home him to a farm / barn scenario where he can get love and thrive, but thought perhaps someone on the lake may want to keep him “close” to his home and what he knows.

We named him Will,(short for Willow, we thought he was a girl at first :p) We got him collars and tags, and for now we are caring for him as an outdoor cat until we can find him his forever home.

If you are interested or know someone with a farm that may want to love and help him, please let us know.

If you are interested in adopting Will-o, please contact Tricia  at 2138400536 or linxsing@yahoo.com