2017 Walk & Wag Celebrity Spokesdog Voting


Welcome to the 2017 Celebrity Spokesdog Contest!

Please read each entry, then vote for your favorite dog.

Bessie the dog
1. Bessie (submitted by Debra Roberts)

A year after losing Bailey to old age, we needed another dog. My son Matthew saw the sweetest pic of “Chica” on HSHV's website. We know puppies get adopted quickly so we rushed over, and luckily though all of her siblings were adopted, she was still there.  We adopted her on the spot.  

This little girl has brought so much love and joy into our lives. She is literally like a little person. Everyone who meets her wants to keep her. She loves to snuggle and follows you everywhere. She loves her walks and car rides, too. We have taken her to visit grandma at the memory loss center in Chelsea and all the ladies fight for her attention, but she knows her grandma!  I can say she has brought so much love and happiness to our home and wish everyone could have a Bessie in their home.

 Dixon the dog



2. Dixon (submitted by Darleen Lyons)

I adopted Dixon in April last year.  He had to have his eyes removed due to massive infections. 

Dixon is an awesome and amazing guy.  He runs, plays, goes up and down stairs. Dixon doesn't have a disability. He can see like any other dog.

Dixon is a privilege and an honor to have.  He is what HSHV stands for.

Dixon deserves to be the Walk & Wag dog. Please consider him.



Winston the dog 

3. Winston (submitted by Eva Weissman)

When we first met Winston at HSHV, he was exceptionally sweet, but was sad and confused when we first took him home. Eventually he came out of his shell, and in 2015, we became a therapy dog team. Having a "job" has really allowed Winston to shine. He loves visiting with patients, seniors and students. It is so sweet to see this big mutt who once needed help himself give back to the community. Occasionally we have taken other HSHV shelter dogs on breaks, and Winston has been the perfect calming dog that helps them; I think he does therapy not just for humans but also for other dogs!

We have Walked & Wagged every year since he was adopted. He gets so excited running with a large pack (not to the treats), and it is always his fastest 5k of the year!


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