Nine years ago today, this girl came into the world, someplace in Louisiana and rode the HSHV Love Train when she was old enough.

I was lucky enough to be picked out by her to bring her home with me.

She is a great example of a “pit mix.” She is sassy, funny, kind and loving. She has taught more than one foster how to “dog” and put more than one in their place.

She can be trouble; she counter surfs and is overly possessive of me at times. She’s gotten into a couple pretty ugly scuffles with a couple foster dogs. Thankfully, the only one needing antibiotics was me for putting my hand in the wrong place.

She has survived being hit by a car and showed me what amazing friends we have who donated funds to her care.

Thanks for being such a great part of my life, I.V..

She is my dog, and I love her.


Abbey now I.V.