I adopted Roxy on 2/2/20. She is doing SO well!

A few snippets:
– Her walking has improved immensely. She topples over much less often but I’m still getting it looked at, to be safe.
– She’s become more friendly with her fur siblings, the canine ones at least. I think she’s taken a particular liking to Benji (formerly Junior at HSHV). She is not fond of the cats and barks at them whenever she sees them. It’s a work in progress.
– After several days of trying, I finally got her to take a Minty bone. She loves them now!
– She sleeps with me every night. That first night I had her in the kennel next to my bed and woke up to her crying. Pulled her out and she’s slept with me ever since. She will either sleep next to me, one of the other dogs, or completely alone. Thank goodness for Queen sized beds! She’s a great sleeper.
– Potty training has been interesting. The first three days or so, I couldn’t get her to relieve herself outside. It’s gotten a lot better but #2 is still an obstacle. Hoping that will improve when the weather gets nicer. She makes it clear she hates the snow. 🙂

Thanks for allowing me to take this sweet girl home. She’s amazing & everyone who meets her loves her. All of you at HSHV are true heroes.