Back in Feburary 2022 I was told by my co-worker that there was a 1 year old gray male cat (exactly what I said I wanted) at HSHV who I really needed to meet! He had just came in as a transfer from Detroit. After finishing up cleaning, I went and paid him a visit and he just melted into me. Just the sweetest guy, purring and making buscuits the whole time.

I put on a hold right away, and after a few days and getting neutered he came home! He started out in my bathroom, and amazingly it really only took a day to adjust. He was ready to explore by the next morning, I had to tell him to wait because my other pets were not ready to meet him yet! I was looking for a very particular cat, because I have a large dog and a lower energy sassy cat. Well Cricket (formally known as Andrew) is just the perfect mix of the two! He is playful and likes to wrestle with my dog, Velma (also HSHV alumi) but plays gently with my other cat, Houdini, and gives her the space she needs. He has even helped her come out of her shell more! He is so social and outgoing when it comes to people, he loves to greet people at the door, asking for pets and giving kisses right away! He seems to prefer my dog’s stuffed animals and tennis balls over most cat toys, and will spend hours on the patio if I let him. Lastly, on his first vet visit he purred the whole way through! He is such a fun and loving cat, I’m so lucky to have him in my fur family! ❤️

Andrew now Cricket