I went to Tiny Lions thinking, “I’m not getting a kitten I want an older cat.”

I had lost my dog unexpectedly to a rare autoimmune disease, where the body was attacking her red blood cells. I found “Avocado” now Ghost at Tiny Lions. She wasn’t running around like the other kittens, she was just chilling. She pawed at my hand and then took her mouth across my nails. Our time was then up, and before I knew it I asked how I go about adopting.

It took her some time to get used to my room, and before I knew it we were playing hunting games, attacking toy mice, and watching TV together. She likes to hide underneath my bed at the edge and gets a kick out of scaring me! It took me about 4 weeks to name her, and the work of her scare tactics made me choose “Ghost.”

She’s been a missing puzzle piece I needed after my dog passed. She greets me as soon as I walk in the door, meows only when she hears my voice, cuddles only on her own terms, doesn’t like me on my phone, loves to submerge her toy mice in water, admires her reflections with all the mirrors in my room and enjoys looking outside. I’m glad I have her in my life and glad she choose me.

Avocado now Ghost