Penny (formerly Azure), named after Penthesilea, queen of the Amazons, has truly completed our home! When going onto HSHV’s website to set up alerts for birds, I saw our Penny. I told my fiancé immediately and we knew we had to meet her, as we were ready and confident to own a big bird. We brought our kids to meet the beautiful bird from the pictures, and our hearts melted completely. We talked to her and giggled with each other, to which she chimed in with our laughter, laughing herself! We knew then and there she had to come home with us. The stars aligned and we were able to pick her up next day, and she hasn’t stopped chattering since! Penny came with a vast array of phrases including good girl, baby girl, what doin, laughing, whistling, yelling “woooo!” and meowing, yes, meowing! She has since learned to give kisses, and she loves to listen to the song Jolene! Parrots are not easy pets, and are certainly not for everyone, but sweet Penny has filled a void in our hearts we never knew existed! Here’s to the next 60-70 years we get to love on her!

Azure now Penny