My wife and I adopted Baby (now named Molly) this past February. Molly came to HSHV at only 71 lbs. for a dog of her size, with ribs prominent through her torso. We were told she was a fearful 2-year-old with little human interaction. When we met Molly, her eyes were droopy, her fur was an ashy, dull color, and her face looked fearful, anxious, and sad. Her cataracts further amplified her fear as she had difficulty seeing. Despite all of this, the great volunteers at HSHV used patience and compassion to draw her out of her shell little by little. Although she still had a long way to go, we saw something special in her. There was still a lot of life left in Molly. She just needed a chance to allow her true nature to come out.

Molly is post 3 weeks cataracts surgery and able to see very well. Her eye sight has now provided her with the confidence to walk with her head up, and bark when protecting us in our home.

I’m happy to say that she also has a new found energy as evidence of her sprinting around the yard, playfully throwing her ball and kong around the house, as well as jumping onto and off of the couch. She has steadily gained weight and her coat has a nice sheen. She very much enjoys her food and especially her Buddy Biscuits. She is a much different dog compared to less than 8 weeks ago. She truly is a resilient soul and smart girl.

We recently found that she is a mini-celebrity as she was featured in the most current 2024 HSHV Saved newsletter, and on the cover of the envelope in which that letter came in. There is quite a difference between the picture of Molly when she arrived at HSHV, shown in the newsletter, compared to today. I am grateful that HSHV and everyone who supports them could help Molly become the dog that she was meant to become.

With gratitude.

Baby now Molly