My sister Alex and I decided to stop in and browse the animals one afternoon. One dog in particular caught our eye. She was petite, oddly quiet among her howling companions, and had the sweetest brown eyes I’ve ever seen. We were asked if we wanted to take her for a stroll, and we figured why not?! It was a sunny day and a dog walk would be fun. What we didn’t anticipate is that we would be unable to stop thinking about her all night long. We rushed back the next day—simply put, this was our dog. We were told she was anxious, timid, and recovering from surgery. We weren’t sure what this journey of building trust and a new home together would look like, but we knew that it was absolutely ours to join her on. Now, three weeks later, after some shaky knees (literally) and a whole lot of faith in each other, the three of us are inseparable. We cannot imagine our lives without this goofy, kind, gentle, loving baby. She regularly demands belly rubs, licks away our tears, watches romcoms, and naps on whoever’s lap is available. She loves chicken meatballs and the Monkees greatest hits and her (excessive amount of) plushies.

Bailey now Phoebe