Barley came home with me on January 27th, 2020. He’d been at the shelter for a long time, and I couldn’t imagine why no one wanted this sweet cat. He got home and he was all snuggles and sweetness–at least, during the daytime. At night he yowled, whined, cried, and meowed. I couldn’t get ANY sleep for a month! I worked closely with the vet to make sure the issue wasn’t medical, and when it was determined to indeed be a behavioral issue, we worked to get him on the right combination of medications that worked for him. Did you know that cats can take Prozac for depression? Barley takes Prozac for his depression.

In the end, both of us are happy that he came home with me, even if he does wish I would take him on less trips to the vet.

Barley now Barley Screwtape Gennick