I adopted Lucy-cat in 2011, after first my cat who I’d inherited from my mother (both HSHV alums) died. I wasn’t sure that I was quite ready to adopt again, but I made several trips to HSHV, just to see who was available. I was very taken with an active kitty who had just come in, but I thought that I should get a senior cat or one with health issues, since I now have a lot of experience with both.

But in the end, I adopted Bea, charmed by her beauty and perkiness. I was told that she feisty and she was. She was also active, so I took her on daily walks with a collar and leash. Trips to the vet were a challenge; she was obviously terrified and went from slight anxiety to fighting for her life very quickly. The vet and techs were great with her, always trying to make her comfortable. As it turns, out, I didn’t need to feel bad about not adopting a cat with health needs. The very next year, she was diagnosed with idiopathic hypercalcemia, then IBD, a spinal problem, and most recently broke her leg. She started tweeting about her ortho journey last year @DiaryPrisonCat. Over time, she has relaxed. She’s not yet a cuddle bug, but she will let me pick her up briefly. We still enjoy walks together every day. She is even calm at the vet.

Bea now Lucy-cat