My fiance and I decided that our sweet little Samoa (a 1-year-old Calico) was starting to seem lonely, and I have always grown up with two pets. We took a weekend trip to the Humane Society “just to look” and came across Smokey. He was a little grey kitten who seemed very shy and scared, but the second I reached into his cage and he laid his head in my hand I knew we couldn’t go home without him. After some back and forth and a little bit of doubt from my fiance, I signed the papers and Smokey became our new furbaby!

It took a bit of warming up once we brought him home. Samoa is anything but shy and was a bit much for little Smokey to handle at first. After a few weeks, Samoa and Smokey became best friends and my personal shadow as I cannot go into any room without him right at my feet! His favorite things are heated blankets, watching birds, and copying everything his sister Samoa does. He also loves to eat, maybe sometimes too much!

We are so grateful every day that this little bundle of fluff is now part of our family, it’s like he was made just for us. Thank you, HSHV for bringing us together with our Smokey!

Bean Stalk now Smokey