At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself on the private adoption page of HSHV’s website. There was a little 18 year old ragdoll kitty posted, and I knew the moment I saw her picture I had to have her. Her mom had gone into hospice and she needed a home to live out her final years. The story was heartwarming, and the family I adopted her from was wonderful.

Bibi quickly became my best friend and #1 companion during the pandemic. She loved cuddling, sleeping next to me in bed, basking in the sun, sitting on her porch, crying when no one was around to give her love, sharing ice cream with me, and being a very silly little girl. I grew to love her more than anything. I doted and pampered on her as much as possible, and she returned all the love she could. Her gentle, soft cuddles made any day better. She expressed her love through soft meows, insistence on laying on top of me whenever I was stationary, and poking her big beautiful eyes over the side of the bed when it was time for breakfast. She was a pure and kindhearted soul — it felt like she was brought into my life for a reason.

Sadly, Bibi passed away this week, just shy of her 19th birthday. She lived such a full life surrounded by people who loved her. I have been able to stay in contact with her “siblings” to share moments of our life together. I am so, so grateful for the time spent with Bibi and for HSHV’s program which helped lead me to my little kitty. She is the most special kitty who came from such a wonderful family and I will miss her so dearly.