I adopted Yeimy in the summer of 2019 and she was the smallest little 2 year old, just barely 7lbs. It was love at first sight; her reaching for my hand from her cage at the bottom of the row, and me instantly getting a little head butt. She has always been so sweet and gentle, and has a passion for food and cuddles like no cat I’ve ever seen. She’s my soulpet, a pet who is like your soulmate and that you’re so grateful for every day. She’s turning 6 this summer and we’re going to throw her a little birthday party.

Yeimy was the first cat I ever had, and she’ll always be my favorite–hands down! My husband adores her as well, and we carry her around the house like a little baby because that is what she is–a baby. She also has the zoomies and loves chasing feather balls. Despite being so round (we’re working on it), she’s so incredibly fast.

Anyways, we are obsessed with her and wish everyone the chance to adopt a pet that they love as much as we love Yeimy!

Bindi now Yeimy