Our two 18 yr old girls (cats) recently passed away within 6 months of each other. They were our fur kids in a most deep sense. My husband was more than ready to have an animal back in the house, and I was still resistant.

In Ann Arbor, from out of town with a few hours to kill, we decided to go to Tiny Lions “just to pet some cats” and nothing more. Hahaaa, sure. When this little fur ball strutted up the cat tree and plopped down right at eye level, I quietly looked at his name tag, and we had some good petting time. Later, my husband was playing with him; I was across the room, and Brave (his former name) locked eyes with me for an uncomfortably long time while I tried hard to resist. Later, he cornered my husband coming out of the bathroom.

We knew… Brave would be coming home with us.

It’s been three weeks, and we are all having a ball. Mars Maxwell was on our laps in the first two hours and has been adjusting amazingly well. We are grateful to be fur parents again and to such an awesome cat. And grateful this little healer knew what he was doing that day 😉


Brave now Mars Maxwell