In 2012 I was an employee at HSHV. I worked in the surgical area and had helped to provide treatment for probably a thousand animals by that time. It was difficult to not adopt every animal that needed a home, but I was looking for the right one. I’d never had a dog of my own but when I interacted with Ellie, formerly Brownie, I knew she was my forever companion. She was brought to HSHV by a nice farmer in the bed of his truck. He said that he found her and another dog running through fields in the Saline area. When I prepped her for surgery, she had the sweetest temperament and the most beautiful eyes! I immediately fell in love and after 10 days she came home with me. 8 years later she’s healthy, happy and has provided more love to my family and I than I could ever express.

Brownie now Ellie Mae