About 9 months ago I had taken home a feral cat from HSHV. Her name is Millicent, and she has been the biggest joy in my life. After about 3 months though, I could see her getting lonely and needing more attention.

After debating, I went back to find her another cat to be with when I’m not around during the day. I looked around for about 20 minutes and was unsure. Then a lady there told me they had a room with some cats that came from a bad situation. I went in and tried to pet some of them. Then this three legged cat still missing half its fur came hobbling out of a hiding place and came straight up to me, and I knew he had to be mine. His name is now Sheldon and I’ve never seen any cats take to each other the way he has with Millicent. They are super playful and always full of love and demanding to cuddle.