My husband and I went on a day date that included the camper show in Detroit. A worker was walking around with a puppy and he was the cutest! We followed her back to the HSHV area where there were five cute puppies. We decided to meet Chameleon and she was so snuggly. A year and a day (would have been exactly a year if it wasn’t a leap year) we had to say goodbye to our previous dog. Our angel dog and Cami both have hearts on their noses. We didn’t think that we were ready for another dog, but it turns out that she is exactly what we needed. Our boys were so excited when they got home from school to see that we had a puppy. Our oldest son was literally speechless (and that’s a lot for a kid who never stops talking, lol). Cami has been such a great pup.

Chameleon now Cami