My husband and I would go to HSHV every weekend looking for our first dog together. We met so many sweet babies but they never were the right fit. After a year of searching we met Coco. She had come from Alabama on the Love Train a few days before. She was one of the only adult dogs on the train that week. I couldn’t believe she hadn’t been adopted yet. Looking down into the kennel at her in the puppy room, she looked back up at us with these huge brown eyes. We could tell she had been through something rough. She was still so sweet and open to love. As soon as I put my hand down to pet her I knew she was ours. Bringing her home and watching her energetic, sweet personality come out over the next few months was so special. She’s been with us for a few years now and we’ve added her sister, Pebbles (from a different rescue). Adopting our babies has added so much love to our lives!

Chastity now Coco