In 2015, I had been dreaming of adopting a kitten to add to our family. On Thanksgiving day, I was browsing  the HSHV website and found a picture of 2 sweet sister kitties. They were all black fluff with gorgeous green eyes. I was hooked! The thing is that they were only offered as a “perfect pair” adoption because they were bonded and could not be separated. Not exactly what I was thinking, but the next day my husband and I went to visit the girls.

I put my hand in the kennel, and Violet jumped off of her perch and came right over for a scratch. That was it; I was all in, and we brought them both home the next day. They are absolutely the sweetest, friendliest cats I’ve ever met. They love my kids and take turns standing guard in each of their rooms at night. They love belly rubs and sleeping together all curled up in a ball of fluff. They are spoiled princesses and are truly living happily ever after.


Chrysanthemum Dahlia now Hazel & Violet