Please report any colonies you are aware of, to help HSHV monitor cat colonies to help us better understand and care for our county’s community cats.

None of your personal information will be shared and we do not publish specific addresses.


Feral Cat Colonies


How much does HSHV charge for TNR?

HSHV offers TNR  as a community service to support both our area’s free roaming felines and their caretakers. For this reason, we charge only what it costs to cover the costs of services. Costs are as follows:

  • In county TNR Service – spaying/neutering, distemper vaccination, rabies vaccination and a flea and tick treatment: $40/cat
  • Out of county basic TNR Service – spaying/neutering & rabies: $75/cat
  • Out of county TNR package – spaying/neutering, rabies, distemper and a flea and tick treatment: $90/cat