When I was much younger, I tried to adopt a cat to become my companion through being sick with lyme disease. My first attempt turned out to be sick as well, and HSHV asked for me to return her. While this made me sad, I found Doc that day. He came with challenges – he had been found in a garbage bin, dumped with the trash. Whoever had him before my sister and I clearly didn’t care for him. When he came to our home, he completely forgot how to. use the litter box or eat on his own. We had to bottle feed him for a little while and train him how to do everything all over again.

It was worth it. He would sit on my shoulder, he was so small, and watch whatever I was doing. Later, when we lost our house, we lost Doc too – but when we got stable housing again, we were told that he was still available! HSHV invited us to adopt him back and I was so happy. He was my best friend and little buddy. He watched over my sister in her final days, making sure to always comfort her. He is the sweetest, most adorable cat – and he looks like a kitten at times, even though he’s 15 years old!

He’s had his struggles, having nearly died of pancreatitis and afterwards diagnosed with IBD. He’s a fighter and I’m always proud of him, and happy to be a part of his life.

Darren now Doc